Why Women’s Health is So Far Behind Men’s Health

I posted this post on Instagram for Women’s Equality Day (#womensequalityday) and this is just too important not to share here, too. Everyone woman (and man too) needs to know this… Women’s health is still considered an “emerging field.”

It’s only recently that medicine has clued into the fact that women are not just “little men.” You laugh but it’s true.

This is why more women get misdiagnosed, get diagnosed later (for diseases like cancer, diabetes), and for symptoms to go unrecognized, invalidated, and ignored.

The Status Quo in Women’s Health

If you’ve ever been told…

😡 “It’s just your hormones”
😡 “You’re just getting older”
😡 “It’s all in your head”

You know what I’m talking about here.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with women who’ve been gaslit for years, made to feel that what they were experiencing wasn’t real, or wasn’t a big deal, or was just something they’d have to live with.

It has to get better… It takes 20+ years for science to trickle down into your doctor’s office, so there’s that…

Have you noticed this though? — Science seems to always be proving what the ancients knew all along.

I’ve found more answers and healing going back to this ancient wisdom than I ever did in any doctor’s office.

It’s where this ancient healing wisdom and science intersect that the magic happens.

How’s that for some symbolism of the feminine and masculine coming together… of women’s equality.

This is the intersection where I work.

Ready for some magic?
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P.S. The most powerful healing happens when we bring together the latest science with ancient wisdom and techniques. Want to find out how this approach can help you heal? Book a chat with me here.

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