The Truth You Should Know About The Healthcare System

megan adams brown

This may sound shocking at first so hear me out….

Our healthcare system isn’t designed to keep us healthy.

It’s designed to treat us when we get sick.

And because our healthcare system largely involves insurance to pay the bills, doctors need something called an ICD-10 code for a diagnosis to be able to bill a visits/labs/other tests, etc. to the insurance company.

That means, no diagnosis… nothing’s wrong with you.

This is why I hear so often from women that they’re fatigued, constipated, can’t sleep, can’t lose weight, have brain fog, muscle/joint pain, reflux etc. They go to the doc, draw labs, and get “you’re fine.” “nothing’s wrong with you.”

Hear this: Just because a doctor tells you nothing’s wrong with you, does not mean there’s nothing wrong.

It just means it’s not bad enough yet to get a diagnosis.

That doesn’t mean nothing’s there! It means it’s on it’s way. And lucky you, you caught it before it gets a label.

Because isn’t that really all a diagnosis is? A label for a bunch of symptoms?

Oh right, and a code for billing.

There’s 50 shades of GRAY between wellness and sickness.

And the problem with our healthcare system today is it misses all the gray.

If your lab markers aren’t out of range, if they can’t diagnosis, you got nothing.

It’s focused on finding sickness. diagnosing. And treating.

This is not a knock on doctors – doctors are amazing and needed and thank God for them. This is how the healthcare system works because of how it’s set up.

What if instead of focusing on treating illness we focused on creating wellness?

What if instead of waiting until things get bad enough to diagnose, we dug into the gray area to see what we can optimize?

This isn’t dreamy, one-day-it’ll-be-better kinda thinking.

This kind of preventative well-care is available right now to you
It’s one of the services I now offer in my health coaching practice.

Ready to finally get some answers and direction on how you can CREATE HEALTH instead of waiting for it to get bad enough to be a “disease”?

First step is to schedule a health evaluation session with me here. 

This is where we look at the whole picture of your health – from childhood to now, those no-big-deal symptoms, any lab data, and we connect the dots. Then together we’ll devise a strategy specific to you so you can start creating true health.

Get ready for a more thorough review of your health than you’ve ever gotten in any doctor’s office. If you’re looking for some clear, personalized direction…

Schedule your health evaluation session right here.

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