What We Can All Learn From Tiger Woods’ Return to Golf

I want to talk about Tiger’s return to golf this week at The Masters after almost dying in a car accident just a little over a year ago.

The guy has everyone in awe (I mean it’s Tiger, of course he does).
Here’s the thing though —

He’s hugely impressive, awe-some, for sure.

Tiger’s return in itself though isn’t a “miracle” like they keep calling it.

If you know Tiger (and at this point I feel like we do), you know when doctors told him he may never play the game again or how long it would take to recover — he didn’t listen.

You know he didn’t just do what the docs told him to do either.

Tiger is the epitome of someone who knows how powerful his mind is — in golf it’s what wins and looses tournaments.

He believed he would heal and play — no matter what anyone else said. 

He knows his body is going to follow his mind.

And he made up his mind he was gonna do it.

Tiger is not an anomaly.
He’s not a miracle.
He didn’t do anything that anyone else couldn’t do.

But he did do a lot that many won’t.
No doubt he worked hard at it.
He sought out people who could help him heal.
He didn’t stop, he didn’t give up when it got hard.

No Tiger’ himself is not a miracle.
The human body is. 

His, yours, all of ours’ is 100 percent capable of miracles.
No matter what age, what injury, what diagnosis.

The body heals when we believe it can. 

P.S. You know Tiger didn’t do it all on his own either, he has a whole team of coaches and people who support him every step of the way. That’s a large part of what got him back at it so quickly. That support and accountability is crucial for healing. You ready for it? Grab a spot on my calendar this week to chat.

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