The reset

Hit the reset button on your eating habits. Take five days to focus on flooding your body with nutrients from real, whole foods.

Welcome to your complete RESET home base. 


This is where you can always come back to The RESET. 

Bookmark this page, come back to it whenever you need it. It will always be here for you. 

Below you'll find all of the resources you've been using in RESET, plus your new BONUSES:

  • Transition Guide
  • Whole Food Sweeteners Guide 
  • Restaurant Ordering + Eating Out Tips 
  • Tips for Sober Socializing

Congratulations on completing The RESET. You've just done something so valuable for yourself and you should feel seriously PROUD. Go treat yo-self. And remember The RESET is always here for you to come back to. You have access for life. 

I'm always here for you too. Reach out any time. I love hearing from you. I mean it. 

Always in your corner,

Megan Adams Brown

Your RESET Resources

Recipes + Meal Plans

Your RESET recipe book has 30+ pages of recipes - breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, smoothies, juices, desserts and even mocktails. All made with whole, real food ingredients. More food than you could dream of getting through in 5 days with plenty left to keep you hungry for more long after The RESET is officially over. 

Your RESET Meal Plan has you covered so you don't have to think about what you're eating this week. Use the done for you shopping list and follow the simple prep instructions to set yourself up for a week of delicious, nutrient-dense food. Don't like something? Feel free to change it up - just keep it real and whole.

A big part of the RESET is breaking the reliance on packaged foods. So for these 5 days try to keep all your snacks to whole, real foods, like the ones on this list. There are just some ideas to give you some snack inspiration. You take it from here...

Guidebooks + Checklists

pre-reset checkist

Start here. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200  until you read this first. ;) This is your pre-RESET checklist and it's going to walk you through the steps to help you get in the right frame of mind while you ease yourself into the RESET. Then get to it! The more you're able to check off before our official day one the easier it will be.

This guidebook is like your home base and overview of The RESET program. It'll tell you what to expect, how the program works, where to start, what to eat (and not), signs you're on your way, and next steps...

This breaks down and gets into the specifics of what you'll be eating and what to avoid with a complete food list. 

This checklist covers the most important things to do daily this week, plus some extra bonus things that can enhance your reset with some extra self-care. 

Here are all the detox "superfoods" we'll be adding in to support your body's natural detox process. Learn what makes each so great and why we're focusing on them.

This has a list of the basic kitchen essentials you'll be using for the week.

BONUS Materials

This guide will give you some key pointers to pay attention to and think about as you transition out of your 7-Day RESET and back to your every day life... or perhaps a new version of it...

Use this guide and chart to help you incorporate more whole food sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and others into your routine in place of refined white sugar.

This tip sheet is everything you need to know to help and empower you to eat well no matter where you're dining. Use these tips the next time you're at a restaurant and get exactly what you want.

It's one thing to stick to a plan in the structured schedule of the work week, it's another to maintain that discipline when everyone else around you is downing rosé To help, here are some tips for what I'll call Sober Socializing. The name infers temptation to drink, but these can apply to food too.