The Jumpstart

Feeling stuck and like you need a change but you’re not sure where to start? Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do so you can just do it.

The Jumpstart is a quick four week program to help you jumpstart your health. This program is designed to help you get motivated, change up your routine, put an end to bad habits, start some new better ones and get back in that healthy groove.


  • Get unstuck
  • Find your motivation
  • Change your routine
  • End bad habits
  • Discover new foods
  • Rekindle your spark

The Program jumpstart coaching program

How it Works 

  • 28 day program
  • Weekly one-on-one 50 minute coaching calls with Megan
  • You’ll set clear goals and identify your “why” from the start to keep you on track and motivated
  • I’ll give you support and hold you accountable along the way

Ready to get in a healthier groove?

What People Are Saying...

Megan has a way of pointing out small, easy changes that have made a world of difference in my diet and routine as a working mom. She would see things that I couldn’t and the best part was that the changes she suggested were not stressful or too challenging and made me feel empowered. Megan helped me make the connection between my diet and mental health and with that I’m more in control of how I feel than ever before. Now, I have a clearer head, more energy, I’m a few pounds lighter, less swollen and have a renewed mission to continue this healthy lifestyle I’ve created.

Kristen N., Dallas, TX

My stomach is so much flatter! And I feel so much more in control of the way I feel because I know what foods are best for my body and what I don’t tolerate as well. Before working with Megan I struggled with digestive issues. She helped me see how certain foods were affecting my body, and with that information now I just find myself naturally making better choices. Also having Megan’s meal plans and recipes make the transition to healthier eating so much easier! I never would have believed it before, but I really do crave greens now.

Shannon H., Dallas, TX

Before working with Megan I craved bread and carbs. After three sessions I didn’t even want those foods anymore. I even turned down bagels and pizza while in New York! She helped me train my body to crave foods that give me energy instead of leaving me drained. And on that NYC trip I had energy to walk more than 10 miles in one day. I’d definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s struggled with food cravings.

Maureen A., Dallas, TX

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