Data is empowering. When you have information you can act on it and make the best choices for YOU to maximize your health and feel your BEST. Here you can combo functional testing with a health session that will get you going in the right direction. 

Health Audit + Session

When in doubt, start here. This is where we do a deep dive into your complete health history, going alllll the way back to when you were a kid. Do you remember what you ate for breakfast? Yep, that’s actually on my questionnaire…

In this health audit session we turn over all the stones. I want to know everything so we start with a few forms to get the download. Before we meet I review everything - health history, your current health and any additional data so we can have a detailed discussion and together put the pieces together. 

Bloodwork + Session Bundle

Tired of hearing "you're fine" "labs look good!" even though you know something's not right?

Here’s the thing – you probably haven’t gotten the full picture of what’s really going on with your health.

There’s a big difference between looking at labs to diagnose and treat a disease and looking at labs to improve function (read: energy, digestion, detoxification) so you can prevent disease and feel fan-freaking-tastic. The second one – the feel fan-freaking-tastic option – that’s what we do here…

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FIT 132 Food Sensitivity + Gut Barrier Panel

Food Sensitivity Testing + Session Bundle 

Identify food sensitivities, inflammation and leaky gut from a single test.

This test measures both IgG and immune complexes, the most common food-related pathways and uniquely includes a Gut Barrier Panel to identify GI inflammation and leaky gut via a few key markers: Candida, Zonulin, Occludin and Lipopolysaccharides (LPS). For each marker, IgG 1-4/C3d and IgA 1 and 2 are measured.

Testing includes a 1 hour interpretation session.

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Ready to feel damn
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First step is a chat so we can get to know each other better. I want to hear what’s going on with you and have a convo about how I can help.