A Stress Reduction Strategy that Actually Works

Let’s talk stress reduction…

What’s filling up your stress bucket? 

I was talking with a client about stress reduction last week and we had this a-ha moment I want to share with you…

She was telling me about how her stress builds and she knows it’s gotten too high when she feels like all her thoughts are going at once.

Can you relate? 

A New Way to Think About Stress Reduction

The way she talked about her stress reminded me of the same bucket analogy we’ve used to think of other things that become more and more of a burden for the body as they build up – toxins, histamine, etc.

Each source of stress is another drop in the bucket….

Until the last drop sends it all spilling over the edge…

When the bucket’s full, the tiniest thing (the front door that sticks, the kids’ messy play room, missing the left turn light AGAIN) can do it…

But when the level is low, we can tolerate more (read: mutter F*** under your breath less).

So, to raise our tolerance (or build resilience) – be it to toxins, histamine, stress – we’ve gotta work down (and keep down) the level in our bucket.

To do that, we have to look at what are our main sources – the big fillers especially that are causing the level to rise more rapidly (these are usually things like thought patterns, poor sleep, etc.).

And how are you emptying it / draining what’s in the bucket on a regular basis (what are those things that bring down your stress level that you can do daily? besides wine…)

The key is getting really honest about what’s filling your stress bucket?

and what’s making that level rise the fastest?…

Then what are are those things for you that help lower the level every day?

This is the kind of stuff my clients and I talk and strategize about in our sessions.

We go way beyond your doctor’s cookie cutter recommendation to “reduce your stress”….

Well duh, doc.

We all could stand to live with less stress.

Tell me HOW.

That’s what you get here with me.

Ready to try something new – the opposite of cookie cutter and lip service recommendations?… Something that actually tells you how to do the thing, gives you a plan, a strategy, a roadmap, so you can really do it…

Grab some time on my calendar and let’s chat about it.

Megan Adams Brown

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