Ready to get cooking? 

Ready to get cooking?




and make eating super healthy, 
super delicious food, 
three meals a day...


Your transformation to confident, competent meal-maker (a.k.a. kitchen ninja) starts now.

You know those weeks you start out totally on it - like, I'm gonna eat uber healthy this week.

You fill your cart with all the kale, broccoli and berries. It looks Insta worthy. 

You get home, stock up your fridge, and think:

"BAM, It’s gonna be a good week!"

Then stuff happens… and fast forward a week later, you're throwing away a bunch of wilty kale and moldy berries.

Every now and then there’s a night when it works. You make an awesome dinner for the fam and even if it takes you 45 minutes. It’s a WIN. 

And when you feel like you’re winning at dinner, it feels like WINNING at life, right?

What if there was a way to WIN at eating healthy every day of the week?
Without spending hours in the kitchen each day to do it?

learn to cook - megan adams brown

What if cooking a healthy dinner could be easier and faster than takeout

And still include pasta. 

And pizza.

Healthy doesn’t have 

to feel so harD... 

Or mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking food that tastes like cardboard. 

It shouldn’t have to come with a bunch of rules. Or mean having to count and weigh things. Or skip whole food groups, either.

I believe simple, easy, beautiful, and delicious food IS healthy. And visa versa.

You see, I don’t do complicated recipes. Most days I don’t do recipes at all. 

That’s my real secret.

I prefer old-school style - how my Nana used to cook.

No cookbooks, no Pinterest. Just real food. Lots of veggies. And leftovers. Always leftovers. 

I believe that somewhere between The Food Network and #instafood we got tricked into thinking this whole plan-shop-prep-cook thing is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. And it’s made those three little words....

“What’s for Dinner?”


Now you’ve got marked up pre-made meals at the grocery store, meal kits you can have delivered to your house and weekly meal plan subscription services all designed to just make eating food at home manageable. 

All of those things are great and all. Thank god for them, really. Only problem is, without them, you’re lost.

Skip a week, and you’re back to Favor. 

And either way - the meal kit, or delivery - it gets expensive. 

Then you combine that with every diet trend or headline you’ve ever heard about, and “healthy” feels like Mount Everest.

Believe it or not, I haven’t always bought kale by the bunch…

There was a time when my freezer was stocked with Lean Cuisines and I thought the only way to cook vegetables was to boil them… or defrost them in a microwave…

Megan Adams Brown, CHC

Megan Adams Brown

 certified health coach, AADP

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in my early 20s that I slowly started dipping my toe into the organic produce section of the grocery store and venturing into the kitchen.

That was more than 10 years ago.

I call myself a self-taught cook. And I have the knife and burn scars to prove it. 

I’ve also set off the smoke and/or fire alarm more times than I can count. And there was even a time I opened the oven to find a roaring fire (if this ever happens to you, just close the door and run away… the lack of oxygen will eventually put it out on it’s own. There ya go, we’ll call that lesson No. 1.

I don’t have any special cooking talent (clearly). But I don’t think anyone does, really.

That’s the beauty of cooking. Anybody can do it. 

Heck, that’s how you learn. You just gotta get in the kitchen and do it. 

For me, I knew it was something I had to figure out if I was going to take charge of my health. I felt the difference just eating more greens and less stuff out of a bag and my spark was lit. 

But it wasn’t like the rest of life slowed down so I could cook… Quite the opposite in fact.

Doing healthy? hard? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I’m the first to say it. I get it, I’ve got two 4 year olds. Not gonna happen. 

So how do I do it?

Well, I’ve created a program to show you exactly that.

I learned the trick is in working smarter, not harder.

And now I want to share what’s worked for me with you… 

  • Imagine if cooking didn’t feel like such a chore.
  • Imagine coming home after a long day and dinner’s half done already.
  • And you can throw a super nutritious and delicious meal together in just a few minutes.
  • Imagine sitting down at the table with your family and knowing you’re feeding them a balanced, whole-foods meal you made totally yourself.

Even if your kids still won’t touch the broccoli, at least it’s on their plate - you did it. And maybe one day they’ll forget to protest and take a bite. 

You gotta start somewhere, right?  So Flippin' Easy helps make it a whole lot easier. 



Learn the secret to eating uber healthy food that tastes delicious -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and having it on the table in 10 minutes).

So Flippin' Easy is my system for re-simplifying food and conquering the week… from the kitchen.

Inside this course I'll show you exactly how to:

  • Eat healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner 
  • Prep for the week to save yourself hours in the kitchen 
  • Set up your kitchen and pantry with everything you need to be someone who just eats this way
  • Throw together a salad, a smoothie, a stir fry totally on the fly
  • Cook beans, whole grains, a whole chicken, bone broth.... alllllll the things!
  • Cook once and eat twice three times! 
  • Transform leftovers into an entirely new meal so you never get bored
  • Come up with your own crazy easy recipes with whatever you have on hand

without losing your mind or spending all day in the kitchen.

It’s not a diet though. I repeat: This is NOT a DIET.

So Flippin' Easy is more like an anti-diet. It’s not meant to be restrictive in any way.

It’s going to expand your meal menu, add in a lot more veggies and nutrient-dense foods - probably more than you’re used to (sorry, not sorry). ;) and show you what a healthy, balanced whole-foods diet can look like.

No need to ditch your old stand-bys. Keep enjoying your favorite cereal, chips, snacks, ice cream. Just add in as much from the meal plan as you can. 

Use what works for you, in your life, the way you live it NOW. 

We’re all individuals and there’s no one meal plan, or right way of eating for everyone. If there were we’d have this whole “what to eat” thing figured out by now.

So take what you like and leave the rest. But let it push you. Expand your horizons. And keep eating those greens.

The best part is, you won't be doing it alone. You'll have the SFE virtual community, which is like having a bunch of green smoothie-drinking, kale-pushing (but not in an annoying way) friends that make you want to order the salad too.  

So Flippin' Easy gives you the system, the support and gets rid of as many of the excuses and obstacles as possible, so you can really do this. 

so flipping easy week 2

Yes, this is so much more than a meal plan.
It’s the last meal plan you’ll ever need...

Unlike pre-made meals and dinner ingredients that come in a box, So Flippin' Easy shows you how to DIY it. It teaches you how to fish (so to speak).

At the end of 4 weeks, you'll have this system down. And you'll save money in the long run, too. Best of all, you'll be feeding yourself and the ones you love healthy, simple, beautiful, delicious food for. evah. 

No kit required. 

"With Megan’s system I can get dinner ready in 10 minutes leaving more time for the kiddos and me. Before, I’d always feel too exhausted to cook anything at the end of the day and we’d end up eating poorly because of it. With this system I’m prepared for the week, everything’s ready to go, so no excuses. The meals are fast and easy and there’s less mess and clean up, too. It’s been life changing!"

Katie D.Houston, TX, interior designer & mom of 2

Janna J.
"SFE has been a total game changer for me. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this whole process and how much I've learned and gained confidence in the kitchen! Also I feel better too. I'm never overstuffed and have more energy too."

Janna J., Dallas, TX, advertising account exec

How It Works

For the next 4 weeks you’re gonna get everything you need to take all the stress out of what the heck to eat for the week. 

And I’ll be right there with you - in your email inbox and videos on your computer or phone. Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Weekly meal plans that include a complete 5-day menu with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Follow the plan and recipes exactly or keep it loose and take what you want and leave the rest. Customize meals with the extra recipe section to make meals that you love, too. 
  • Done-for-you shopping lists with everything you’ll need from the store so you can get your shopping for the week done in just one trip. Items for breakfast and lunch are noted so you can follow just the parts that you want to. 
  • Step-by-step prep instructions to get the bulk of the prep work knocked out all at once - in an hour tops. This part will save you hours during the week. 
  • “How to” videos walk you through every step of the way - from how to set up your kitchen with the right equipment (it’s less than you may think!), pantry staples, how to dice an onion and other essential kitchen skills, and how to change up the recipes in SFE so you can keep using the meal plans while keeping it interesting.
  • The SFE community - Our members-only closed Facebook group for everyone who’s doing/has done SFE. It’s where you can connect with others who want to cook and eat healthier too; ask and answer questions, share pics, ideas, wins, etc. 
  • Bonus cooking guides to help you make your own delicious and healthy salads, smoothies, salad dressings and more. These guides give you simple formulas to follow that you can use to customize your own creations. 
  • Pretty + handy cooking cheat sheets to hang or keep in your kitchen to help you with things like how much water do I need to cook rice? And what temperature do I cook chicken to? 
  • Optional 1:1 support from me as your health coach. I can help guide you through the program, strategize with you to create a more personalized plan and hold you accountable to your goal of seeing this through.
  • My 100% commitment to your success and making So Flippin' Easy work for you.
  • Unlimited access - Your So Flippin' Easy content and materials are yours to keep forever. You’ll always have access to the meal plans and videos so you can go back to any part of the program at any time. 

What You'll Learn

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn on your way to becoming a confident kitchen ninja...

week 1 - healthy foundations

Week 1: Healthy Foundations 

Learn what you do (and don't) need in your kitchen, how to build a whole-foods pantry (and save $ on future shopping trips), the best ways to store produce for max freshness (and min waste), and how to the do the basics from mincing garlic to cooking whole grains.

week 2 - sneaking in nutrition

Week 2: Sneaking in Nutrition

Get inspired to get in more greens - everywhere! Save money and max nutrition with basics like how to cook a whole chicken, and a full bean cooking guide. Plus a handy tool to get everyone in your house eating more veg!

week 3 - improvising in the kitchen

Week 3: Improvising in the Kitchen

Start DIYing your own smoothies, salads, and dressings following my simple and spontaneous formulas. 

week 4 - cooking on the fly

Week 4: Cooking on the Fly 

Get ready to start creating your own dishes - no recipes! Learn how to make your own bowls, stir-fries, and soups. You'll take things up a notch with homemade broths (out of scraps!) too.

"I was surprised that only after a couple days I felt better and had a lot more energy. The best part was seeing my six year old get into it. Every night she’d ask all excited, “What’s for dinner tonight?!” It turned what used to be a dreaded question in our house into a delight. I was also just happy that I could still eat pasta. :) I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to feel like I’m eating healthy without following a particular diet. I learned so much about food and what healthy really is and I feel more balanced myself."

Julie C., Dallas, TX, business owner & mom

"Even my husband, who would happily eat fast food for every meal, loves the food. His favorite is the veggie wrap, which would be shocking to all who know him! We have loved introducing our son to new flavors and textures every day."

- Melinda G., Dallas, TX, attorney & mom

"The food is delicious, easy and completely satisfying. I cook these recipes again and again not only because they're so good, they're incredibly easy to prepare. I love using fewer pans and having shorter, streamlined grocery lists! We started SFE when my second child was a month old and it helped my extra weight and inflammation melt away. The greatest part though was how much more energized I felt." 

Kate M., Houston, TX, teacher & mom of 2

What's on the menu?

Here's a preview of the menu and taste of what you can expect... 

Week 2: Day 1 
  • Breakfast: Mini frittata 
  • Lunch: Veggie wrap 
  • Dinner: Slow roasted chicken with carrots and kale salad 
Week 2: Day 2
  • Breakfast: Berry green smoothie 
  • Lunch: Kale salad with hummus and veggies 
  • Dinner: Roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and sautéed leafy greens 
Week 2: Day 3
  • Breakfast: Mini frittata
  • Lunch: Veggie wrap 
  • Dinner: Salmon with slaw salad 

Each week you'll get a meal plan with a menu like this.

The SFE meal plans are designed to make your meals simple and easy while still being delicious and exciting to eat. To do this we plan for the week, do some prep ahead of time so meals like these are always minutes away. Not to worry... we'll tell you exactly what to do. 

Crystal Z.
"With SFE I lost 7 pounds in one month and got rid of intense sugar cravings. My overall mood improved and our (mine and my husband's habits have really changed - and stuck! We eat more veggies and salads and, even now, months later I still make many of the recipes on a weekly basis. Even my 5-year-old likes the food!"

- Crystal Z., Austin, TX, writer & mom

"When you said dinner in 10, I didn't realize that it would actually only take 10 minutes! The grocery bill was another surprise. I spent less than I normally do on groceries and we actually ate it all and it was so much healthier."

- Rita C., Wichita Falls, TX,  dental hygienist

Check Out These Real Life Responses...

Kate & Scott are still using
SFE to keep up their habits!


*Dinner in 10 was the previous name of SFE

Jackie & Mike simplified their
dinner routine before baby!


Vanessa changed the way she eats!


Julia passed her glucose test
thanks to eating better!


Melinda got her family out of a rut - Life Changed!


Who is this program for?

This is for you if…

  • You’re tired of eating the same ol’ things for dinner every night. 
  • You want to eat healthier but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Shopping, prepping and cooking on top of everything else in life feels like just too much. 
  • You’re confused about what the heck to eat and all the different diets out there just make you want to reach for a piece of pizza. 
  • You’re not about to give up pasta... 
  • You want to eat healthier but it feels like so much work.
  • You have to follow a specific diet (like gluten or dairy free) but don’t want to feel restricted… or better yet, you want to still be able to feel like you’re having your old favorites with alternatives. 
  • You’re tired of having to sacrifice taste for nutrition. 
  • You want to get more greens in but don’t just want to be eating salads all day. 
  • You want your kids to grow up eating and loving vegetables but it feels like a losing battle. 

This is NOT for you if… 

  • You’re looking for your next diet or rigid eating plan with a bunch of rules and restrictions. Dinner in 10 is NOT a diet. And is not meant to be restrictive in anyway. I can’t stress this enough. 
  • You prefer cooking with complicated recipes that have a laundry list of ingredients every night of the week. 
  • You don’t want to learn to cook, aren’t going to cook, or even try. 
  • You don’t like wholesome, easy, delicious dinners.

Get instant access to your first of four weekly meal plans plus my kitchen how-to video library with tutorials on everything you need to know from what should be in your kitchen (and what shouldn't) to how to prep kale so it's edible (yep, there's a reason you don't like it!).

Let's recap...

When you sign up for So Flippin' Easy, you get....

So Flippin Easy Course
  • 4X weekly meal plans -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered ($197 value) 
  • Extra recipe add-on section with more recipes to customize meals ($47 value) 
  • Done-for-you shopping lists for each week ($147 value) 
  • Step-by-step prep instructions to save hours during the week ($97 value) 
  • How to videos and tutorials ($297 value) 
  • Access to my full kitchen library including... my kitchen essentials checklist, meat cooking temperatures, guide to healthy fats, and more ($97 value) 
  • The SFE community (value: priceless) 
  • Bonus cooking guides to make your own salads, smoothies, dressings and more ($47 value) 
  • Pretty + handy cooking cheat sheets to hang up in your kitchen ($47 value) 
  • Daily email check-ins ($147 value) 
  • Lifetime access to the full program (and all future updates and additions) -- it's yours to keep forever (value: priceless) 

Total Value: $1497

But that's not what you'll pay... 

The entire 4-week program is available now for one 
single payment of  


(or 4 weekly payments of $127)

This includes the complete program and system, all of the meal plans, shopping lists, step-by-step instructions, guidebooks, cheat sheets, SFE community. 

And there’s a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. If you start the program and if, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, I’ve included a 7-day money back guarantee.

Amanda Wilson

"I’m so much more comfortable cooking with vegetables and I feel like I know how to prepare them now so they taste delicious! I have more energy too! This course is so well thought out and completely takes out all of the guess work so I can save time and feel confident that we’re eating well. I wish there was another 4 week plan!"

Amanda W., Houston, TX, mom of 2

Debbie Tanner
"I'm truly surprised how much I crave greens! My husband now loves roasted veggies too, This is a fantastic guide to plan, prepare and eat to fuel your body.

- Debbie T., retired teacher, mom & grandmother

Choose the option that works best for you:

(4 paymentS)



(ONE SINGLE payment)



Need help or have questions?

Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or talk to you more about the program. Just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


How many people do the recipes serve?

All of the dinner recipes in So Flippin' Easy are written for 3-4 people (or 2 adults and 2 small children). Some will have leftovers that you’ll use in subsequent meals, too. Breakfasts are about the same 3-4 people (or 2 adults and 2 small children). Lunch varies but generally assumes you’re just feeding yourself. 

What are the meals like?

So Flippin' Easy includes a variety of flavors and ingredients to get you cooking different things in different ways. All of the meals are made with whole, real-food ingredients, with an emphasis on the veg. You'll be eating old favorites like pasta primavera, roasted chicken and vegetables, stir-fry, salmon, pork chops; and healthier takes on old favorites like tacos, pizza and pasta Alfredo. Breakfast and lunch options include things like smoothies, grain bowls, pre-made salads and wraps. 

Can I still have bread, sugar, alcohol, etc.? 

YES! YES! YES! So Flippin' Easy is NOT a diet. I repeat. This is NOT a DIET. This is a program to help you eat more whole, real foods, and make eating generally healthier easier and more accessible for you. If you like having a bread roll with your dinner. Keep having it. If you eat ice cream for dessert, don’t stop. Do use the meal plans to add more whole, real, nutritious foods and meals to your week. Just take it one meal, one day, one week at a time. Usually what happens is as you add in more nutritious, healthy foods to your diet, they naturally crowd out the not-so-healthy stuff. Just see what happens…. 

What can I expect to spend in groceries?

Around $150-$200 the first week or two, less after that. In these first couple of weeks you'll likely be spending a bit more if you need to stock up on some of the pricier pantry staples like oils, nuts, spices etc. Once you have these items in stock though, week to week you should see a reduction in your weekly grocery bill, especially if you're going from a more processed or ready-made meal shopping list. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. cost a lot less than packaged and pre-made food. 

Why 4 weeks?

Studies show it takes about a month to make something a habit. So Flippin' Easy cuts out the planning part and reduces the stress around meal prep so you can focus on the fun part: the actual cooking and eating. It’s kinda like learning how to meal prep with training wheels. The done-for-you plans, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips make the whole thing so much easier and lets you get in the groove of preparing wholesome, healthy and delicious dinners during the week. Most importantly, you’ll get used to a process that helps you get dinner together in around 10 minutes most week nights. And that’s something you can really stick with!

What if I’m traveling one of the weeks?

No prob! So Flippin' Easy is designed for you to be able to go at your own pace. Just pick right back up where left of when you get back. You’ll always have access to the meal plans, videos and content so you can come back to them again and again. 

What if I start and something comes up and I don't have time?  

When you purchase So Flippin' Easy, you're buying the program for life. You'll always have access to the meal plans, videos, materials, etc. It's designed so you can follow the program at your own pace, however it works best for you. Each meal plan and accompanying videos and materials are released week by week so you only have to think about what you're doing that week. I don't want to overwhelm you with a bunch of plans and recipes that you don't need - that's why we do it that way. So, if you have an off week, just skip it and come back to it at the end, or try it again the next week and keep going from there. It's totally up to you. 

What about when it’s over?

Keep going! By the end you’re going to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Take the recipes and plans from over the past four weeks and continue to use them as is to make your life easier, or get creative, change them up to make your own with other recipes from So Flippin' Easy, recipes from or your favorite recipe sites and blogs.

I’m following a paleo (or gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.) diet. Will Dinner in 10 work with this way of eating?

Absolutely. So Flippin' Easy is designed to follow a balanced, whole, real-foods diet. That the foods be whole, and real are the only requirements. That being said, it leans toward and can easily be modified to be 100% paleo. With just a few modifications, you’re there. It’s also mostly naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, simply because most whole, real, nutritious foods don’t contain these ingredients. So if you’re following one of these ways of eating, So Flippin' Easy is a great way to make it easier for you.

I’m vegetarian or vegan. Can I skip the meat and still use Dinner in 10?

While there are some vegetarian and vegan meals included in So Flippin' Easy, the majority of the meals do include meat or fish - probably 75 percent. I’d say it would be hard to omit animal proteins and ensure you’re still meeting nutritional needs following this plan.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Will the meal plan meet my nutritional needs?

I can’t see why not! So Flippin' Easy is not a diet and it’s not meant to be exclusive, as in, you can only eat these foods. Think of it more like the foods in So Flippin' Easy are ideas to help you add more super healthy foods to your diet and make it easier to get them in regularly. Keep eating your old favorites, and eat - please EAT - foods that aren’t included in these plans. No rules here. No restrictions. Ever. Of course, always consult your physician if you have diet concerns or if you’re making any major changes to the way you’re eating.

Let's get cooking!

This entire 4-week program is only $497. 

That's about $125 a week - what you'd easily spend on a couple nights of takeout for a family.

Skip the last minute delivery...

If you start the program and if, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, I’ve included a 7-day money back guarantee. 

You have nothing to loose... except maybe your relationship with your pizza delivery man...

See you inside SFE!

Choose the option that works  best for you:

(4 paymentS)



(ONE SINGLE payment)