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So Flippin' easy

Your transformation to confident, competent meal-maker (a.k.a. kitchen ninja) starts now.

Welcome to The So Flippin' Easy 3-Day Mini Course! 


In your 3-Day So Flippin' Easy meal plan, you have everything you need to eat healthy for 3 days straight... minus the food. ;)  It includes:

- week 1 shopping list (includes breakfast, lunch + dinner) 
- snack list (from salty to sweet) 
- prep + make ahead instructions 
- recipes for breakfast, lunch + dinner
- add to any meal extra recipes 

Video library

You ready to dive in? These first three videos will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of these 3 days. Your transformation to ninja in the kitchen begins now.

SFE - Easy as 1-2-3

These are the first 3 (and most important) steps that will make these three days of good eating easy peasy.

SFE - Simple as Do Re Mi

When you read you begin with A,B,C… and when you jump into the SFE system you begin with “Do, Re, Mi"... (this will forever change how you think about food).

dinner in 10 - dice an onion

In this video you'll learn the right way to hold your knife and how to cut an onion three ways: into crescents, finely diced, and thinly sliced.

The five most important kitchen tools you'll need + more kitchen toys and gadgets - how to use them and what to do if there's a tool you don't have.

Dinner in 10 pantry essentials
Video 4: How to Stock a Whole-Foods Pantry

What to look for at the store, tips for using and buying spices, longer-lasting produce to keep on hand, how to throw together a quick meal without having to go to the store, fats and oils to use and ones to avoid + more. 

Dinner in 10 - how to wash greens
Video 5: How to Wash Your Greens

In this video you'll learn how to properly wash your leafy greens and how to store them to make them last all week long. 

dinner in 10 - how to mince garlic
Video 6: How to Mince Garlic

In this video you'll learn how to mince garlic, how to make garlic paste and a handy trick for how to do both with a fork.

Dinner in 10 - how to cook whole grains
Video 7: How to Cook Whole Grains

In this video you'll learn how to prepare and cook whole grains like brown rice and quinoa. Get my trick for how to reduce cook time with a little prep that will also help to make the grains more digestible and unlock more nutrients. 

dinner in 10 - how to cut a tomato
Video 8: How to Cut a Tomato

In this video you'll learn the trick for slicing and dicing tomatoes without squashing them, plus my trick for cutting cherry tomatoes in a fraction of the time.

dinner in 10 - how to dice an avocado
Video 9: How to Dice an Avocado

In this video you'll learn how to cut and dice an avocado, how to know when an avocado is at it's peak of ripeness, and how to store them to make them last a whole lot longer.

Guides + Cheat Sheets

fats of life - megan adams brown
Cheat Sheet: Fats of Life

This cheat sheet on cooking fats and oils gives you the run down of what the best oils are to cook with, what to use in salad dressings and what oils to avoid. Plus buzzwords to look for when shopping for oils at the store. 

kitchen checklist
Checklist: Kitchen Essentials

Here's a handy checklist of the things you'll need in the kitchen. We keep it simple here - you don't need much. You probably already have everything on the list! 

pantry essentials
Checklist: Pantry Essentials

Here's the items that you'll be stocking your pantry with along the way. Not to worry if you don't have everything right now. As you go you'll be building your whole foods pantry and getting yourself stocked for easy and CHEAP cooking going forward!