Feeling Resistance To Starting Something New? Try This…

I had so much resistance to this…

Even over the holidays, as all the women in my family obsessed over it…

I reluctantly looked on from a safe distance.

Until last night.

When I got my first MAHJONG! 

lesson about resistance from Mahjong

And now I’m hooked.

Thinking about when can I play again…

The night didn’t start out that way though.

As our lovely Mahjong coach Angie explained the difference between bams and dots and dragons and flowers, my resistance doubled down.

And then when she broke out the cards with the lines…

my brain said, “I’M OUT!” 

Had it not been for coach Angie (and the pretty tiles), I might have listened too.
But she helped me see the possibilities that I couldn’t yet see for myself…

“I like this line for you,” she said, pointing to a mix of letters and numbers that looked like a foreign language.

So I did.

Tiles passed…
The game picked up speed…
We’re doing this (a bunch of first mahj-ers we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves)…
OK… this is kinda fun…

And then somehow the thing my brain said, “ummm, no. too hard. not gonna happen.” to, was there on my rack.


mahjong! - resistance lesson

There’s a lesson in these tiles….

What is Resistance

Resistance is normal. healthy even.

It’s our brain saying “stick to what you know” — trying to keep us safe because the unknown is just that…
no matter if it’s a new game, a new route, or a new habit.

And you know what shuts it up?…


No matter how small.

It’s proof that the new thing is worth it.

The secret is just getting to that first win. 

Which for me last night wouldn’t have happened without coach Angie.
Her well honed eyes could see the potential I held when I couldn’t.
And move by move she guided me towards it until I could start seeing it too for myself.

Could I have eventually gotten there without her?

Probably…. eventually.
But first game? Not likely.
I might have left there still resistant and now frustrated.
Not understanding what it is about this game everyone’s so obsessed with…

Instead I left feeling like the newest queen of the Mahj. 🤣

This is why coaching is so F-ing amazing,

Whether it’s Mahjong coaching or health coaching…

A coach can help you get to that win faster, saving you valuable time
(see: more time frustrated vs. more time feeling like you’ve got this).

A coach can see what you can’t…. yet. 

Because we’ve seen it before. We know the lines. We’ve seen the results happen countless times… and we know what’s possible for you.
It’s our job to hold that vision up for you and guide you toward it, until you can see it for yourself.

So my takeaway for you, is this —

If you’re feeling resistance to whatever the thing is for you… consider any of the following…

1. Get a coach. Find someone who can help you shift your resistance into momentum. Who can guide you to what you need to focus on, encourage you to commit and go for it. And who will stick by your side until you get that WIN.

2. Gamify the thing. Whatever it is – give yourself an easy win so you get hooked. Make it small. Say you’re gonna do something, like go for a walk, cook a healthy home cooked dinner, swap the wine for a mocktail, and do it. Do the thing. And then celebrate the heck out of it.

I’m here, celebrating you for reading this far. 🤣

Really tho, I am here – the coach in your corner…
To help you see what’s possible, encourage you to commit, and GO FOR IT.

Whenever you’re ready, let’s chat — schedule some time for a consult here.

Megan Adams Brown



The content in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical advice.

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