The Reset

Hit the reset button on your eating habits. Take five days to focus on flooding your body with nutrients from real, whole foods.  

The next RESET is happening Winter 2021.

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I feel like the best way to tell you what a RESET is... is to tell you what it’s not…

There’s a reason I chose not to call the RESET a detox or a cleanse. 

A RESET is capable of helping your body do both these things, however I want to be clear - that’s not our main goal in The RESET.

Truth is most detoxes out there are glorified crash diets.

They can set you up for failure right from the start and can even do you more harm than good if done improperly... or send you running for takeout as soon as it's done. 

Been there? 

We all probably have by now. And how does it end? You eating (fill in the blank with whatever food you love the most… pizza, Mexican….) like you’re never gonna eat again.

I get it. I’ve been there, too.

Detoxes are like diets... they don't work.

Detox diet. This is not. 
This is the exact opposite, in fact.

The RESET is for people who love to eat. And I mean EAT. 

On the menu is just about every fresh, whole, real food you can imagine, with an emphasis on detox superfoods that are known to provide essential nutrients and support the organs and functions that are part of the process. 

The idea here is we’re going to flood your body with nutrients from real, whole foods that are going to: 

  • help reset your palette so you’ll crave more fruits and vegetables and less processed food
  • balance your body’s energy naturally so you’ll get and hang onto more of the energy you get from the foods you're eating
  •  support your body’s natural detox process

Here’s the thing: Your body is constantly detoxing.

We’re just usually doing and eating things that get in the way of our bodies doing their natural detox thing.

It’s like trying to deep clean a room that’s cluttered with stuff. And at the same time not having the right equipment to do the job. Our detox system can’t work as well when there’s too much getting in the way. And when it’s not getting the nutrients needed to do the job.

What usually happens is all our energy goes toward dealing with the clutter and there’s nothing left for the deeper cleaning that’s needed. 

When done the right way, a whole foods detox gets the clutter out of the way and supplies the required materials so your body can do the job it’s already designed to do. 

It leaves you feeling lighter, bouncing with energy, thinking more clearly, looking fresher and feeling reset.

What makes this different...

The RESET takes care of your food - telling you exactly what to eat, how to plan, what to buy, prep, make and eat. It’s designed to make the food part as simple and mindless as possible with a complete Meal Plan and Recipe Book with recipes you can add, substitute and continue using long beyond the official RESET is over. 

All of this is included to guide you through it and to free you and your mind up to give some other areas of your life a little detox and TLC too. 

A good RESET does more than reset your eating habits, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, too. 

When you take away the foods and habits that weigh you down, you free up energy and open up space for something more. 

That’s why in these 5 days there’s a lot of focus on taking really good care of yourself - because you need that extra TLC when you’re changing up what you’re eating. 

And we'll explore parts of ourselves that are easy to lose touch with while “adulting” like creativity, imagination and spirituality.

The RESET is for you if...

  • Your New Year’s Resolution… wait, what New Year’s Resolution? OK, this is for you. 
  • Or if you had a NYR or any health goal that's fallen by the wayside and you want something to help you get back on track. 
  • You went on vacation a week (a month) ago and you're still in vacation mode.... 
  • You’re craving a fresh start, lighter foods, more salads, less junk. 
  • You’re already in clean out/clean up mode in other areas of your life. 
  • You can’t end a meal without something sweet and then something sweet turns into 10 something sweets (this is me right now, btw.). 
  • You’re craving sugary or salty foods, having trouble sleeping, tired most of the day, require caffeine to function, suffer from seasonal allergies, feel sorta meh.
  • You want to get a fresh start but you’re just not sure where to start or how to go about it. 
  • You need some accountability to follow through and stick with it. 
  • You want to reset/detox/cleanse and still want to eat food, feel satisfied and enjoy the week.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want to only drink juice, do a fast or some other type of extreme detox or cleanse. 
  • You're not going to put the effort in and commit to this RESET for 5 days (you don't have to do it perfectly, but you do have to try).

How does the program work?

For 5 days all you have to do is follow the guides, checklists and meal plan (which is 100% done for you with a complete shopping list for breakfast, lunch and dinner; prep instructions and easy simple recipes). You can use the recipes from your RESET recipe book too. Here's what's included:

  • When you sign up for The RESET you'll get a welcome kit with your materials that will get you going so you can get a head start and be ready to hit the ground running on Day 1. 
  • You'll have a totally done-for-you meal plan that tells you exactly what to buy, how to prep, to save you serious time in the kitchen. And a 30+ page recipe book with recipes that are super simple and easy to make.
  • You’ll have an online community doing the RESET with you. We're all here to support and lift each other up. I'll be in the group too giving info and answering questions.
  • Each day you'll get daily inspiration, reminders and to-do's to keep you moving forward in your email inbox.
  • In your daily email you'll get a daily journal topic to help you take your reset and cleanse to a deeper level and help you get more in touch not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too.
  • You have my 100% commitment to your success and helping you get the most out of this 7-Day RESET.
  • Add an optional one-on-one coaching package so we can work more closely together to focus on your unique goals and specific concerns. 
  • Optional: Sign up as a group (minimum 3 people) and add a group coaching package. Email me for details. 
What kind of voodoo magic is this?! I have so much more energy! It's not even been a week and I've already lost pounds and I'm feeling better than I have in YEARS! Megan - you are a genius. Thank you for helping me!"

Erin M., Austin, TX, interior designer & mom of 2

What will I be eating? 

The whole idea of The RESET is to focus on the foods you CAN eat versus the ones you can't. This program is about filling up your plate with the most nutrient-dense, colorful, beautiful foods so there's no room for the ones you're trying to avoid.  

Here's a preview of the menu and taste of what you can expect... 

Eat all of this...
  • Every fresh or frozen veg you can think of 
  • Greens! Lots of greens. 
  • Fruits 
  • Lean animal proteins (chicken, fish) 
  • Whole grains 
  • Beans
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Healthy fats 
  • Green or herbal tea 
Not so much this...
  • Sugar 
  • Caffeine 
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Dairy 
  • Soy
  • Corn

The RESET menu adds in more vegetables and fruits because these are the foods that help to boost your energy with nutrients and sustainable fuel. These foods provide the fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients your body needs to function at it's best. The foods we'll be avoiding can be problematic for some people. They can rob your energy, cause inflammation and lack the nutrient-density we're focused on in The RESET.

This is not like any other detox you've ever tried. I was really surprised it wasn't difficult at all and the food was delicious - and a lot of it, too. My clothes fit better and I lost 2 lbs. I had more energy than I had in weeks. The plan is something I'll come back to every few months to keep me on track." 

Clare H., Dallas, TX

megan adams brown

Megan Adams Brown

 certified health coach, AADP

Meet Your Coach:
Megan Adams Brown, CHC, AADP

Hi, I’m Megan, I’ll be your coach through The RESET. 

I have to tell you, selfishly I created this RESET program for myself. 

I'd been craving a “quote un quote cleanse” and I knew I needed some accountability for myself to stick to it. 

I struggle with kicking the habit just like anyone else. I’m human. 

What gets me is caffeine and sugar. Granted it’s “natural” sugar, you know like coconut sugar, honey, etc. It’s still sugar though and I know I need to reset when I’m having it on a regular, daily basis - like I need it. 

That’s how I know I need to recalibrate. Because I know how much better it feels… I feel… to have the upper hand with it. Not just the control, but the energy, freedom and confidence that comes with it too. 

So, I created The RESET because I needed it just as much as you do. 

I want you to know that you deserve to feel awesome. You deserve to be the most, 100% best version of yourself.

And getting to that place of feeling truly alive and well, with energy is oh so worth it. Whatever you have to do to get it. 

I’m here to tell you if I can do it, you can too. 

Hit the RESET button.

The entire guided RESET is available now for $199.

This includes the complete program, all of your materials - the Meal Plan, 30+ page RESET Recipe Book, checklists, guides, email access to me - your coach, and so much more.

There's a 5-day 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee (through the full length of the program). If you start it and if, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, I’ll give you your money back.

Need help or have questions?

Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or talk to you more about the program. Just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


I travel for work, will I still be able to follow the plan?

If you’re traveling you probably don’t have access to a kitchen and won’t be able to follow the meal plan, or recipes exactly but that’s OK. Traveling usually means eating out at restaurants but you can eat according to the RESET guidelines at most restaurants. When eating out just ask your server if they can prepare a simple protein, like fish or chicken, and veggies. Ask if they will cook it for you in olive oil instead of butter or vegetable oil. Or steam the veggies instead of cooking in oil. You can also always order a salad and ask for olive oil and lemon on the side to dress yourself. I suggest traveling with your own snacks - you can pack your back with fresh fruit, nuts, bars with minimal ingredients like Larabar, RXbar, etc.). 

I'm sorta picky, what's the meal plan and recipes like?

All of the recipes, meals and snacks in The 7-Day RESET are made with whole, real food - lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, some lean protein, a little (and optional) whole grains, beans, lentils. The meals are super simple and easy to customize so if there's anything you don't like you can easily sub it for something else. Meals include things like smoothies and scrambles for breakfast, salads, grain bowls and wraps for lunches, and things like salmon, chicken and veggies, vegetable soup and stir fry for dinner. 

I have an event during the 5 days, will I still be able to stick with the rules of the program? 

You can stick to anything you put your mind to. There’s no pause button on life and it’s likely impossible to find a week where you can clear your schedule to complete an un-interrupted reset. I understand life still has to happen. That doesn’t mean you have to stray from the guidelines though. If the goals of The RESET are what you want, that may require some sacrifices, like forgoing the passed hor’dorves and avoiding the bar. The 7-Day RESET guides you through this too though. I give you some helpful prep and tips for maintaining a social life while also maintaining and sticking to the guidelines. We’ll talk about things like: How to still be social when you’re not drinking. What to drink to feel like you’re drinking. What to order in a restaurant. How to go to a party sober. All of these things, I must add, are super helpful to be equipped with just for life in general too, just saying. 

I’m pregnant (or breastfeeding) can I still do the program?

The RESET is extremely gentle and designed to be more of a reset for your habits than a diet to draw toxins out of your body. The meal plan and recipes are safe to follow while pregnant and breastfeeding and the guidelines for the program will tell you to above all listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry. At no point through this are you meant to go without food, deprive yourself or feel hungry so I encourage you to listen to cravings and give your body what it’s asking for within the guidelines of the program. The thing that will work to your advantage too is you’ve likely already let go of some of the most difficult food hurdles in the beginning: alcohol and caffeine. So you likely already even have a head start! 

I have a health condition and/or take medication, is this safe for me to do? 

If you have any concerns about doing this program with an ongoing health condition you should speak with your doctor first. This is not in any way a medical treatment or replacement for what you are currently doing to manage an ongoing health condition. Do not stop taking any regular medication or change any health maintenance protocol you've already established with a physician. The RESET is a gentle whole-foods based cleanse that's primary focus is to help shift your habits and palette to include more nutrient-dense whole foods. Again, if you do have concerns please consult your primary care physician. 

The next RESET is happening

Winter 2021.

If you think you may want to join us, get on the waitlist
and I'll send you more info as soon as dates and details are set.