Welcome + WARM UP

No more diets. No more restrictions.

Ditch the rules, trust yourself
 and become your healthiest you.

Welcome to your warm up zone. 

Hi there! 

Starting now I want you to forget everything you've ever thought, learned or believed about what healthy eating (or just healthy in general) is and "diets." 

We're gonna wipe the slate clean and start fresh. And re-learn a totally new way of looking at and doing this whole healthy livin' thing. 

This is a different kind of program. This isn't put your life on hold, give up everything you love and enjoy for 8 weeks and suck it up kinda thing. 

That's no fun, and more importantly, it doesn't work. 

So, don't feel like right now or this weekend you have to go drink all the wine and eat all the things.

Nothing's off limits here. I repeat, nothing. 

This program is designed to fit into your life exactly how you live it. Yes, you may need to make a few tweaks here and there, but the idea is to create something that's sustainable and enhances your life, rather than suspending it.

Got that? 

We're keeping this positive, inclusive, light and FUN. 

No hard and fast rules, regulations or restrictions. 

Use the resources here to start warming up and getting started this week. The two recordings below will tell you how to jump in and get going, and how to use what's here to give you a head start in the program. And the downloads will show you the ropes.

You're in for an awesome few weeks ahead. I hope you're as pumped as I am. 


Megan Adams Brown

Your Warm Up Resources 

RENEW welcome

I'm so excited you're here. Let me explain how things will work and give you the three most important steps to do at the very beginning.

warm up - how to get started

Here I'll walk you through how to use the resources in your warm up zone (below) and how to get the most out of everything here.

The Downloads

This is one whole week of done-for-you meal planning that includes 5 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Plus step-by-step instructions that will set you up for an easy, peasy week of healthy eating; a done-for-you grocery list; and all the recipes.

This recipe book includes some of my all time favorite, super easy recipes. There's a variety of breakfast options, hearty yet healthy dinners, and my signature salad strategy for a plant-packed and satisfying lunch. Oh, and treats too. 

RENEW daily dos preview

Little things add up to big things. To help you keep track of the little things throughout your day, use this little checklist to make sure you're crossing them off. 

RENEW snack list preview

This is my list of go-to healthy snacks. There are things in here that are made to grab and go and others that are a little more DIY. Key thing being everything is made with real food, nothing weird.