March 27

Sparkling Water + Mint + Lime

Every now and then I enjoy a cocktail. Or two. OK, three. So needless to say the last few months of going non-alcoholic has been a bit of a challenge. No, I am not pregnant. Nor did I find Jesus. JC and I go way back and he doesn't care that I love wine. I decided to give it up for now though as part of my own healing journey (I hate the way that sounds, but that's just what it is... quite a journey). Now, where was I... oh yes, cocktails. I do miss them. Sitting at a bar sipping club soda on the rocks gets old pretty fast. But being Sober Sally has also made me realize a few things. Like that omigod-i-need-a-drink feeling can sometimes be satisfied with just a little creative mixology. My go-to is Pellegrino with some sort of twist - citrus, herbs, juice. Watch out Michael Martensen! Who says you need spirits and bitters to make a cool drink? Of course there are still those days when a glass of wine just sounds divine. What can I say, we all have our vices...

Sparkling Water + Mint + Lime


sparkling water
mint leaves
1/2 a lime, juiced
ice cubes


Squeeze juice from half a lime into an empty cocktail glass. Add mint leaves and muddle. Fill glass with sparkling water and add ice. Stir.

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