Healthy? Super Bowl? Oh ya.

It's almost officially Super Bowl weekend and we all know what that means...

(Yes, that is a football stadium made out of junk food, right there.)

Diet. Fail. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? You can have your nachos and eat them too. Literally. There is such a thing as healthy indulgence. Some of the healthiest foods that exist are true indulgences all by themselves.... avocado. a perfectly ripe tomato. goat cheese. sweet potato. raspberries. chocolate. cinnamon. Oh, I could go on...

Sounds a heck of a lot better than Velvetta and Beanie Weenies, huh? I've had my eye out all week for tasty game day recipes that are healthy (or at least healthier) too. Here's my list of game day go to's....

What about you... What are you making for game day?

Healthy Game Day Favorites

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