NRN Happy Hour

$50.00 / 30 days

NRN Happy Hour is the place to be to get motivated, learn, and up level your health. Bring your fav bevvie and come join a supportive, like-minded squad for info, inspo, and some accountability, too.

*NRN Happy Hour is a monthly membership. When you purchase to join you will be charged $29.99 immediately, and on an on-going monthly basis for as long as you wish to stay. Membership may be canceled at a time by emailing

Grab your favorite bevvie and join us to talk all things health!

NRN Happy Hour is where you come for info, motivation, and accountability while focusing on improving your health. Every other week we’ll meet to talk all things health, functional medicine, living your most holy-wow-healthy life.

How it works: 

Each week we meet, Megan will have a short n’ sweet (20-30min) lesson to kick us off. Then we’ll spend the rest of the time chatting, sharing, answering questions, helping you get unstuck and going in the right direction.

Join and you’ll get:

  • Bi-weekly group education + coaching sessions with Megan
  • A supportive coach and like-minded community
  • 10% off supplements in the NRN virtual store
  • Access to inexpensive blood labs and functional testing
  • Access to library of previous NRN Happy Hour talk topics


When you purchase to join NRN Happy Hour you will immediately be charged $50 – the cost of the first month of membership. Membership begins at sign up and your card will be automatically charged $50* each month going forward as long as you wish to stay in. Membership can be canceled at anytime by emailing


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