So Flippin’ Easy


Get your meal prep game strong so you can have more of those weeks where you feel like you’re winning – you’ve got a plan, you’re eating well, and feel great because of it. SFE gives you a 4-week plan to follow with breakfast, lunch, dinner covered while you get in the grove of making weeks like this just what you do. Simplified healthy cooking and that makes getting dinner on the table in 10 minutes or less EASY!

Stop stressing over “what’s for dinner?” Spend less time cooking. Eat delicious, easy, healthy dinners every night of the week….

This training/meal planning service teaches you how to get dinner done in about 10 minutes, 5-nights a week. You’ll get weekly done-for-you meal plans that’ll have a covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including your shopping list, step-by-step efficient prep instructions, and delicious, easy, healthy recipes (that all just happen to be 100% free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar).

What You’ll Get

  • Weekly done-for-you meal plans so you know exactly what’s for dinner 5 nights out of the week.
  • Weekly shopping list that includes everything you need for dinners that week.
  • Step-by-step prep ahead instructions to help you spend less time cooking each night.
  • More recipes that you can use to substitute or add-on to any meal.

How it Works

  • Each week you’ll get an email with next week’s done-for-you meal plan with your shopping list, instructions and recipes.
  • Take the shopping list with you to the store to get what you need for dinners for the week.
  • Follow the prep ahead instructions to get a few things ready for the week (approx. time: 1 hr). This will cut down your daily cook time.
  • Each night follow the recipes to assemble dinner.
  • Enjoy delicious, easy healthy dinners all week long!

What People Are Saying…

“With Megan’s meal plans I can get dinner ready in 10 minutes leaving more time for the kiddos and me. Before, I’d always feel too exhausted to cook anything at the end of the day and we’d end up eating poorly because of it. With the meal plans I’m prepared for the week, everything’s ready to go, so no excuses. The meals are fast and easy and there’s less mess and clean up, too. It’s been life changing!  – Katie D.

“The food is delicious, easy and completely satisfying. I cook these recipes again and again not only because they’re so good, they’re incredibly easy to prepare. I love using fewer pans and having shorter, streamlined grocery lists! We started SFE when my second child was a month old and it helped my extra weight and inflammation melt away. The greatest part though was how much more energized I felt.” – Kate M.

With SFE I lost 7 pounds in one month and got rid of intense sugar cravings. My overall mood improved and our (mine and my husband’s habits have really changed – and stuck! We eat more veggies and salads and, even now, months later I still make many of the recipes on a weekly basis. Even my 5-year-old likes the food!.” – Crystal Z.

“I was surprised that only after a couple days I felt better and had a lot more energy. The best part was seeing my six year old get into it. Every night she’d ask all excited, “What’s for dinner tonight?!” It turned what used to be a dreaded question in our house into a delight. I was also just happy that I could still eat pasta. :) I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to feel like I’m eating healthy without following a particular diet. I learned so much about food and what healthy really is and I feel more balanced myself.” – Julie C.

Even my husband, who would happily eat fast food for every meal, loves the food. His favorite is the veggie wrap, which would be shocking to all who know him! We have loved introducing our son to new flavors and textures every day.” – Melinda, P.

“When you said dinner in 10, I didn’t realize that it would actually only take 10 minutes! The grocery bill was another surprise. I spent less than I normally do on groceries and we actually ate it all and it was so much healthier.” – Rita C.

SFE has been a total game changer for me. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this whole process and how much I’ve learned and gained confidence in the kitchen! Also I feel better too. I’m never overstuffed and have more energy too.” – Janna J.

“I’m so much more comfortable cooking with vegetables and I feel like I know how to prepare them now so they taste delicious! I have more energy too! This course is so well thought out and completely takes out all of the guess work so I can save time and feel confident that we’re eating well. I wish there was another 4 week plan!” – Amanda W.

I‘m truly surprised how much I crave greens! My husband now loves roasted veggies too, This is a fantastic guide to plan, prepare and eat to fuel your body.” – Debbie T.

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