This is Why Just Having a Doctor Doesn’t Cut It Anymore for Preventative Health

It used to be you’d have your primary care doctor you’d see once a year for a physical to make sure everything’s working as it should. That was preventative health care.

It’s no longer enough to just have a doctor in case something goes wrong. 

Cause in the world we’re living in, if you approach your health this way–with no proactive preventative health action–something undoubtedly will.

We are living at a time with…

👉 Unprecedented levels of toxins in our environment.

👉 Thousands of chemicals approved for use under the guise of being innocent until proven guilty (with the burden of proof being on the consumer).

👉 Virtually zero oversight or concern for the synergistic effects of toxins in the environment or in a human body (eg. mercury and lead. Even in miniscule amounts, when combined, their toxic effects go up exponentially – enough to kill mice). Both are metals we are exposed to in our food and water systems daily.

👉 The highest annual consumption of processed sugar and fat that only continues to rise.

👉 Free reign for food companies to make health claims on their products that are outright lies.

👉 A government that tells us saturated fat is bad and processed vegetable oils are “heart healthy” (not true).
We simply have more to contend with, more that is working against us, more that is filling up our toxin bucket and more that is lowering our tolerance to be able to bear it (read: unprecedented levels of stress, too).

We Must Focus on Preventative Health

This is not the world our parents and grandparents knew… it’s not their food, products, even water, either.

The passive approach to health of our parents’ generation of just going to a primary care doc for a physical, getting some labs done and being told “looks good” maybe once a year isn’t gonna cut it if you want to stay healthy.

So what’s the answer then?

We have to go on the offensive.

That means working to reduce your toxin exposure, maximizing nutrition and how your body is fueled on a cellular level, and optimizing how your body functions in all areas – digestion, detoxification, mitochondria, etc.

Getting ahead in these areas is how you squelch your risk of developing disease.

To put it bluntly, the days of hoping for the best and blaming bad genes are done. We know better now. It’s 95% environment and that’s 100% within our control.

The good news is the ball is in our hands. We have to how onto it, OWN IT, and run.

This is exactly what I help clients do inside my functional health coaching practice. So they can feel empowered and in control of their health, prevent what would be coming down the pike, and feel freaking fantastic.

Curious how I can help you specifically? Best thing to do is to book a time to chat with me here so you can get on the waitlist. I’ve got space for private coaching opening up in August.

Book a chat here.


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