Could Your Medication Be Depleting Nutrients?

Did you know medications can chew through nutrients causing major nutrient depletion?….

Nutrients are required to process and detoxify things, like drugs. Depending on how the body utilizes it and which detox pathway it goes down, determines what building blocks are needed in the process.

Add on top of that the fact that most folks aren’t eating nutrient-dense diets, and on top of that the depletion in our soil (greens today vs. 1975 have 85% less magnesium)😳…. you get a recipe for depletion disaster.

Here are some of the most common drug-induced nutrient depletions everyone should be aware of…

common nutrient depletions

birth control pills ➡️ B vitamins (B6, folate, B12), Magnesium, selenium, zinc

statins ➡️ CoQ10

beta blockers ➡️ B12, CoQ10, melatonin

SSRIs ➡️ B vitamins, serotonin

Sadly when these medications are prescribed this information is not typically part of the conversation.

When you know about these things then you can do something about it – like make sure you’re getting adequate supply through diet and/or supplementation.

And it’s important to counter these effects because these kinds of nutrient depletions can cause other downstream effects. CoQ10 is essential for mitochondrial health (read: energy) and B vitamins are needed for hundreds of processes in the body. Selenium and zinc are essential for thyroid and immune health.

Talk to your doctor about countering medication-induced nutrient depletion or find a health practitioner (like me) who can help you devise a broader plan, specific to you to get you healthier. To learn more about how I can help you, schedule a time to chat here.

To read more about how to heal while using medication and how medication can actually be a good and helpful thing in the healing process, go here and here.

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