Live to Eat, Eat to Live

I love food. I’m sure you do too. You may even think you love food more. We can argue about that later.

I bet if we were having a conversation right now, instead of reading, we could probably go on and on about what we love, what we hate, the best restaurants, and who has the best sweet potato fries.

When my girlfriends are all together we can carry on a 30 minute conversation about a single subject:  macaroni and cheese. …. We live life around food. Family gatherings, dates, nights with friends, are all planned around it. We live to eat.

And we eat to live. Science was never my strong suit, so I won’t try to get biological here, but it’s really incredible when you think about it. I mean, without food your body would shut down. It simply wouldn’t work.

The world of health and nutrition fascinates me. Every day there’s something new that contradicts what was new yesterday. It’s a field that’s so complex, but at the same time, so simple. Vegetables are good. Snickers are bad. Simple.

But then there are cartenoids (what’s in red, yellow and orange veggies) which are best absorbed by the body when they’re paired with a fat. This article on NPR explains it. Basically, your body will absorb more of the nutrients in a tomato if you put olive oil on it (in most regular salad dressing), mix it with avocado in guacamole, or on a sandwich with cheese. Who knew? Complicated.

There’s so much information out there and it’s constantly changing. How does anyone keep it all straight? That’s what I hope to do here. Megg Salad is about good foods, recipes, remedies, alternative treatments, ways of cooking, eating, and exercising. And locally there’s always a lot always going on – new stores, restaurants and things to do that are healthy and good for you.

So, that’s what this blog is about.

Welcome ... Come back ... Enjoy!

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