Heard the Buzz Over Nature’s Ozempic? Read This.

Few things make me feel older than when they introduce stories on the Today Show saying something like, “everyone’s talking about….” or “TikTok is all a buzz over…” and I have no idea….

On this day it was “nature’s Ozempic.”

Have you heard about this one?

I’ll spare you their teasing and cut to the chase…

It’s berberine — a herbal supplement.

They brought on Dr. John Torres, their resident doc, who very plainly said it doesn’t work.

When Hoda asked him if there’s any side effects, he says you might get some bloating, gas, upset stomach feeling, and gives a brief word of caution for anyone with liver or kidney disease.

And that’s the end of that.
Next segment.

No mention that berberine is an anti-microbial.
No mention that if used for long periods of time it can decimate your microbiome.
No mention of the actual mechanism of action – improving insulin sensitivity.

Here the story is about buzz around how this supplement, “nature’s Ozempic” is helping people reduce blood sugar and lose weight… AND avoid a serious and expensive and unnecessary medication…. and the story is “no, it’s not effective.” 

It’s the same thing happening in doctor’s offices every day when a patient comes in saying whatever supplement, diet, protocol worked for them…

And the doctor looks at them like “whatever you say, crazy pants.” 

With no interest in what it is…
no curiosity as to what’s actually having effects….

They’re “following the science,” practicing evidence-based medicine…

But here’s the thing…

Just because there isn’t a double blind placebo trial on something, doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

It usually just means there wasn’t something that could be patented at the end.
No money. No study.
No “evidence.”

All of this is NOT to say berberine is the answer.

More like why is no one asking the right questions?!…

This is why so many people come to me so confused…
Feeling completely overwhelmed by so much conflicting information out there…
And not knowing who or what to trust…

Contrary to what Dr. Torres says in the segment, berberine (“nature’s Ozempic) is a powerful herb. It can be both helpful and harmful. And if used, should be part of a comprehensive, individualized healing plan under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

This is what I do with my clients in my functional health coaching practice. We assess what’s going on holistically with your unique body and create a plan just for you that addresses what’s contributing to your symptoms – everything from achy joints to stubborn weight.

If you’re over trying to navigate this all on your own, best thing to do is grab some time on my calendar so we can chat and see if functional coaching would be a good fit for you.

Questions about Ozempic, berberine (“nature’s Ozempic”), blood sugar, insulin, weight loss, anything else? Leave em in the comments below.

Megan Adams Brown

P.S. I have a few open spots for one-on-one health coaching. If you’re interested or just want to learn more, best thing to do is grab some time for a chat with me here.

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