Microbe vs Terrain Theory

when the terrain is healthy...

There’s a story behind this quote I think everyone should hear. I want to share it with you today but first…

I have to be clear. I’ve seen this quote shared with messages against masks. This is not how I interpret the message here.

Masks, social distancing, hand washing are all part of how we are going to overcome COVID. Important parts yes, and not all there is. There’s so much more information and research that’s not getting the spotlight.

Shining the light on the other side in this fight – the immune system – is my job right now.

I want to empower you to feel more in control of your health. Because the truth is you are.

Like I always say: You are more powerful than you’ve ever been led to believe. 

If you need a reminder, at the end of this post I’m going to include links to all the COVID resources I’ve published on my blog over the past few months. Save these and come back to them when doubt creeps in.

OK, you ready for a juicy story?

Here it is.

You know Louis Pasteur? The guy we have to thank for pasteurized juice. Well, this is what he said on his death bed: “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

Basically conceding his life’s work to his scientific nemesis.

Um, kinda a big deal, wouldn’t you say?

OK, to get the full picture you need the back story.

Pasteur (germ theory guy) and Béchamp (terrain theory guy) were science rivals. We all know whose theory won out: Pasteur (he also had political connections and was on the side of popular opinion). Which is why you likely haven’t heard of Béchamp…

Today germ theory is at the foundation of pretty much all of modern medicine – from the way disease is treated (antibiotics, vaccines, chemotherapy) to the way we talk about “fighting” it.

Still, very little if any attention is paid to Béchamp’s terrain theory (a.k.a. the ecosystem where the microbe was able to take hold).

Béchamp’s terrain theory explains when an individual’s inner ecosystem becomes weak due to poor nutrition, toxicity, etc, it changes the function of the microbes within the body and makes it more vulnerable to disease.

In the end Pasteur conceded the terrain’s where it’s at. So, why does modern medicine still ignore it?

The question is the same as why when we talk about COVID it’s all about masks, distancing, vaccines and nothing about the nutritional deficiencies that are proven to be related to fatal outcomes, like vitamin D and glutathione. And the other pandemic that this one has made starkly obvious: chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

When the terrain is healthy, the microbe isn’t as threatening.

As Pasteur said himself, whose life’s work was about the germ… “The microbe is nothing! The terrain is everything!” Let’s start treating it like it, shall we?

P.S. I was supposed to attend an in-person training a few weeks ago and I decided to do it online instead. I like to think my terrain is healthy but with everything right now it just didn’t feel right.

I share this to say I think with all of this it’s about doing the things you have control over (taking excellent care of yourself, optimizing nutrients, sleeping, etc) and at the same time doing things that minimize your exposure risk (masks, distancing). I think this is the crucial combo.

Keep looking for better answers. ✌️


More Resources to Support Your Terrain


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