Health coach, functional health practitioner, blogger, twin mom, thriving with autoimmune, determined to make healthy not feel so hard

Hi, I’m Megan.

I started No Rules Nourishment because I was tired of all the rules, restrictions, and diets.

My mission is to help folks who feel like crap, get back to feeling like themselves again. And to do it without feeling like they're on a diet.

No Rules Nourishment means:


Making healthy a choice,
never a rule


Focusing on nourishing yourself 
vs following the rules


Forgetting those rules we follow because "they" said so (food fads, diet trends, health headlines, your mom’s bestie)


Adding in more of the good to crowd out the not so good (think more greens, less gluten)


Listening to your own body


Trusting yourself as the one and only authority on what’s “healthy” for you


Connecting with your own intuition and letting it guide your choices


Finding true and lasting health and vibrancy through that freedom

how I got here

My life as I knew it was over. "No gluten. No dairy. No soy.” I can still hear the functional medicine doctor saying these words to me. At 22 I’d been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. And now not only had I lost my youth (or so it felt)… 

There was nothing left to eat.

I was in pain, facing a life on meds, and the only alternative solution seemed to be a lot of rules, restriction... oh yeah, and hundreds of dollars in supplements.

Knowing what I know now, and what I’ve seen work over and over again, I'd go back and tell my twenty-something self this:

"Your body is crying out that it needs your attention and love. So here's the plan... we're gonna flood it with as many nutrients as we possibly can - one day, one meal at a time.” also...

Anyone who tells you healing is about deprivation…
doesn’t get it.

Cause somewhere deep down we’re all 5 year olds and you tell me I can’t have something…

what do I want?

The thing.

At some point along the way I figured this out.

I started doing my own research.I started doing the things I was learning. Making better choices (that more greens, less gluten action) and I felt better.

It wasn’t about avoiding this or that anymore.
It was about nourishing myself. 

It was about giving my body what it needed so it could work all day and still have energy to go out on Friday night.  It’s a weird thing to say I’m grateful for a disease. But without it my life never would have changed. It's what inspired me to become a certified health coach. It shaped the way I help every single one of my clients now.

And it’s why they get such
STELLAR results...


Choices vs. rules, food as medicine, individuality + uniqueness, vitamin J (joy!), feminine superpowers, educating yourself, straight talk, feeling more, thinking less


Diets, juice cleanses, anything one-size-fits all, old-school authority, white knuckling or muscling through


Usually at home, hanging with my kids, or Zooming with my delightful clients, or making dinner, occasionally at JuiceLand


But first, hot lemon water, 2 sun salutations, family dinner, books and cuddles before bed, moisturizing, cold showers (trying!)



“I didn’t know I could feel this GOOD! In the first two weeks the weight just started falling off. I've lost 32 lbs now total! I’m so much more aware and motivated now. I wish I’d done this 20 years ago.”

- Susan S., Dallas, TX



“My colitis is now in remission and I feel like I can start living my life again without worrying where the nearest bathroom is all the time! Megan made the whole process easy and painless. I feel drastically better.”

- Sean B., Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah. I'm willing to bet I'm kicking that functional doc's butt in success stories now...

I also may never have had a reason to make potato pizzas… and that would have been the real tragedy.

That’s the other thing - I got really into food. Did you know there’s more than 2,000 species of plant foods on the planet? Want to guess how many of those most Americans eat on a regular basis? 12.

Discovering new foods became a sort of game (kholrabi, anyone?). I fell in love with cooking and coming up with new recipes - like my Healthifed Sweets + Desserts.…

and collecting pantry staples and every size of OXO pop top food storage containers (which my daughters now use to make homes for rolly pollys). Oh yes, I should tell you about that part…

I’d figured all this out and, just like life likes to do, it threw me a curve ball.

I became a mom. Of twins.

It’s a lot easier to eat healthy and take care of yourself when you don’t have two little people you have to feed and take care of too….

I thought that’s it, there’s no way I can keep this up now. This is why they say, coffee and wine is mom fuel, right?

I wanted to power through like all the other moms that seemed so much tougher than I was. But I hurt.

I knew I had to get back on track and start listening to my own body again. Just…How was I going to do it with two (very loud) toddlers??

Cliff Notes version: I got a heck of a lot more efficient - I figured out how to make dinner in 10 minutes (and I have a 3-day meal plan that’ll show you how you can too)

And came up with 40 things to feed the kids besides Cheddar Bunnies

Most importantly - I re-learned a few (four) key truths I always come back to (see below). 

It’s hard, I get it. Life is loud (kids are louder!). It gets so much easier, too. I promise. The food part I mean… parenting I’m not so sure.

Those truths I keep coming back to...


We are more powerful, more in control of our health than we’ve ever been led to believe.


Healthy is hard is a myth to keep us perpetually confused, overwhelmed and buying all the diet books and protein powders.


There are no rules or one right way of eating (or doing anything). You make your own rules and they’re not rules, they’re choices.


No one (NO ONE) knows your body better than you do.
Listen to it.
Trust yourself.
You’ve got this.

The Official Stuff

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)
  • Functional Health Practitioner, School of Applied Functional Medicine, AFMC certification expected 2021
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, 2010
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, 2020
  • Hypnosis Certified Practitioner

Work With Me

I get it. Change is hard.

I've done it myself over and over again and one thing I've learned is having a healthy influence makes all the difference in the world.

I've got your back.