Me Time

It’s the first to fall off the to do list…. that is if it was even on there to begin with. We get wrapped up in the day to day. Work. Errands. Dinner. Projects. Cleaning. Family. Friends. Obligations. Before you know it it’s 11 p.m., you’ve been running all day and it’s time to crash. Then get up the next day just to jump back in it again.

All too often we neglect to take care of ourselves in order to get things done or do things for other people. I’m just as guilty as the next girl. But how backwards is that? If we’re not taking care of ourselves how the heck are we going to get anything done or help anyone else?

So consider this permission to put yourself first. Even if it’s just 5, 10, 15 minutes a day. Find a time that works for you daily (is it in the morning before going to work? or in the evening before going to bed? over lunch? 3 p.m.? whatever…) and schedule “me time.” Actually put it on the calendar. And do something that relaxes you and helps you connect with yourself. Read a magazine. Take a walk. Sit in silence. Stretch. Paint your toes. Color. Have a cup of tea. Take a shower. Write. … Do. What. You. Want.

Don’t think of it as losing 5, 10, 15 minutes. See it as something that’s going to make you that much better for having taken the time. And if you feel even the slightest tinge of guilt creeping up, tell it to go away. These few minutes are yours!

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