July 28

Happy Birthday, Meggsalad!

One year ago today I posted this and Meggsalad was born. I'm teetering somewhere between "I can't believe I've really kept this going one. whole. year." and "wait, it's only been a year?" These past twelve months have probably been my busiest yet in my 26 years. But at the same time they've been the most fun, exciting and rewarding. Life is good. And I'm so glad I have this blog now to look back. Thank you for your support and comments along the way. It certainly has kept me going on those slow moving days. I'd love to hear what you've enjoyed, found helpful, and what you'd like to see more of here. Comment away!

Now, let's take a look back on year one, shall we? Here are a few of my favs...

You'll Never Look at Dinner The Same Way

No-Pasta Pasta

Talking Stocks

The Vanishing Youth Nutrient

Rules to Eat By

The Food-Healthcare Connection

The Power of Giving


A Satisfying Salad

Make it Fun

Organic Schemanic?

This is Nuts?!

I Believe...

  • Happy Birthday Megg Salad!! What a great year it has been, I have learned so much from you and continue to be amazed at all the great information on your blog – Keep blogging we love it!!!

  • Unbelievable! What a year! Congratulations!
    Great stuff – thank you for sharing all this wonderful info. It has helped so many people including me. Keep it going!

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