How to Talk To Your Kids About Germs and Their Immune System

kids and germs

Can we talk about kids and germs for a minute?

I’ve been worried.

There was a time during all of this when my daughter literally could not go 5 minutes without telling me what she just touched.

When I asked her what’s going on?

She told me, “I’m scared.”

She was petrified of germs.

I realized, just like us, our kids aren’t getting the message that we are not sitting ducks here.

We have an immune system.

(I know you know this. I also know it can be easy to forget when all you’re hearing about are new strains, vaccines, hospital and death counts.)

Our immune systems are designed to have our backs.

As long as we do the same in return.

That means doing allllll the things so it can do it’s job best…

  • getting good, deep sleep
  • eating lots of colorful veg and fruit
  • avoiding processed and refined sugar
  • moving our bodies
  • getting fresh air and sunshine
  • thinking happy, positive thoughts

I told her all of this and that she has a superhero inside her whose job it is to protect her.

So she’s gotta take really good care of that superhero so she can stay strong and protect her.

BTW, did you know studies have shown lowered immune function as long as 5 hours(!) after eating sugar? Basically, sugar = the immune system’s kryptonite.

Tell your kids about their immune systems and teach them how to super charge them.

It will help them feel like they have a little more control.

And it will give them something else to focus on other than masks and temp checks (not that these things aren’t important, they absolutely are. There’s just so much more we can DO).

I’m working on something right now that has to do with kids and germs and teaching them about their immune systems. I just couldn’t wait to share this message until it’s done. I know they (and us adults too) need it now more than ever right now…

We are not sitting ducks.

We are not helpless out there.
We have superheroes.
We ARE our own superheroes.
Spread the word.




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