I’m Back! And Here to Help You Find Your Energy.

Hi, there! How are you? I hope this finds you well. It’s be a long time! And a lot’s happened around here over the last two years or so. So much that honestly I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make it back to writing this blog again… in fact, it’s still a little iffy…but I’m giving it a a go and I hope this can just feel like old friends who go years without talking and pick right back up where they left off…

So, what’s new with me?… Well, I’m a mom now; I have twin girls, Maddie and Charlotte, who are almost two (I can’t even believe it). Want to see some pics? OK! You don’t have to ask me twice (see what I did there?)… 😉

Maddie and Charlotte
Maddie and Charlotte

And here they are mowing the yard on Easter… so busy those girls…

Mowing the yard
Oh, and ok, sorry just one more, here they are just a month after they were born…


Yes, I know, they were so tiny! They came about two months early. Water broke, docs stopped labor in the hospital, tried to do the bed rest thing, but they were ready, emergency C-section, six and seven week NICU stays… But all good! Thank you, God and our amazing St. David’s NICU nurses and doctors! They’re healthy, happy, amazing little girls and we couldn’t be prouder.

What’s it like having twins? Crazy. But what I always tell people is at least we don’t know any different. It’s hard, but so is having one baby. And all we know is what it’s like to have two. There have been times of complete chaos. But there have also been moments when I’ve thought, ‘wow, we’re more in control than those suckers with one baby!’ 😉 That’s parenting for you. Some days you’re up, some days you’re down. But it doesn’t even matter because it’s not about you. All that matters is the kids. It’s all about them for the rest of your life… ha!

What else am I up to? Well after M&C were born I took some time off to stay home with them and just recently started working again. It feels so good to be back at health coaching. And I’m excited to be helping other moms and parents have more energy for themselves and confidence in the kitchen.

Energy…I could use some of that… Can’t we all! Gah, it takes so much energy keeping up with these kiddos. As moms we give so much to our kids it’s easy to forget to do things for ourselves, like eat breakfast. And the thing is, this time in life when we’re raising young kids and still young(ish) ourselves is a really important time to be giving our own bodies what they need too. If you’re a mom, your body has been to hell and back through pregnancy, child birth and then feeding said child. We all come out of that ultimate physical challenge depleted needing some serious R&R that doesn’t happen. Instead we charge forward, like parent warriors – the bags under our eyes like badges of honor, our cups of coffee our swords…

And we can’t even help ourselves because this is just what we’re expected to do. Our own moms did it, our friends are doing it… everyone’s exhausted. I don’t know about you, but sometimes in this day and age of parenting it can feel like if you’re not exhausted all the time, you’re doing it wrong.

Being exhausted should not be part of the job description. After surviving the early sleepless-night parenthood stage I thought the fog would lift when our girls started sleeping through the night, but it never did. I wanted so badly to have more energy but I knew it was going to take more TLC than I thought I was able to give myself with two infants. It felt too hard. I wanted to just accept I’d feel like crap until they went to kindergarten; then I’d take care of myself. But I knew better and I knew I had to be there for Maddie and Charlotte, and Ross too.

In the last year there have been two things that have gotten most of my attention: 1.) trying to have more energy and feel like a human woman again and 2.) figuring out what to feed two toddlers, a husband and myself without losing my mind. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning, but I can tell you that decision I made to take the leap and find the balance I needed to take care of myself and my family has been the absolute best thing for all of us and I continue to see the benefits everyday.

I’m health coaching again now with these two focuses in mind: helping moms find their energy/feel like themselves again, and learn how to nourish themselves, their kids and families with confidence. This blog will be about these topics too. I’ll keep sharing recipes, just no more long ones with lots of of pictures (I do have twins, remember!).

Now, enough about me, tell me about you! I’d love to hear – what are your biggest challenges as a parent? And what have you done or learned that’s made you a better one? I look forward to carrying on this conversation. I hope you’ll stay in touch and join me on Instagram @meganadamsbrown and Facebook at fb.me/meganadamsbrown and share my new site with anyone else who wants more energy and more things to cook. I think we can all use more of both…

To your health, energy and sanity,

xo, Megan

  • So happy for you and us! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💃🏻👯

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  • Congrats, Megan! Glad to hear from you and see pics of your girls. Looking forward to future blogs when you have time!

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