I’ll be back…

After months of planning (and regretful neglect of this blog) Ross and I are tying the knot tomorrow in Dallas (woo hoo!). We feel so lucky to have the love of such dear family and friends around us right now. I have no doubt it will be an incredible weekend. We can’t wait to let the celebrating begin! 🙂 Then we’ll be off to this beautiful spot … (can you see us? We’re the dots passed out on the beach…. with cocktails and lots of sunscreen).

So I should have no excuse other than to come back rested and ready to return to normal life, right? And that includes regular blog posts. 🙂 More to come very soon…. Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

  • My dear Megan!! I can not believe your wedding is tomorrow!!! I am so excited for ya’ll!!! Can’t wait for the blog again–I so enjoy it–I need to get my life in order–maybe we can find some time–Love you,Barb

  • INCREDIBLE – Mrs. Brown, without a doubt, it was that AND MORE!
    How fortunate I was to be a part of this fantastic and memorable weekend – from the very super beginning to the great ending one could not have asked for anything more enjoyable.

    Meg and Ross, give yourselves a BIG HAND for planning such a great wedding.

    Love, Merce

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