Are Hormones Making Your Body Store Fat?

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, what you eat, you can’t loose weight? Like your body just wants to store fat.

The truth is sometimes “just exercise and eat right” doesn’t work.

There are cases — and it’s quite common in fact — where no matter how “good” you eat and how much you exercise, you can’t lose weight. Your body wants to store fat.

Maybe you’ve felt the frustration yourself.

I’m here to tell you… This is a thing.

There can be a hormone dynamic going on that’s keeping your body stuck in fat storage mode.

Hormones are like little messengers, telling your body how to respond to what’s going on outside of it.

Stress (whether it’s because of work, heartbreak, an allergy or infection) raises the hormone cortisol, which puts the body in a fight or flight, survival state.

What do you do when you’re in survival mode? You hoard.

Your body does the same thing, except instead of toilet paper, it’s fat.

As cortisol rises, blood sugar rises too (survival mode means you need quick access to energy).

And that means insulin goes up.

Insulin sends it’s own signal — store fat. 

And so here you are, trapped.

If you try eating less, you only strengthen the signal… your body hears food is scarce… store fat.

You try pushing it in the gym or with a run, you’re sending the same message… your body thinks you must be running for your life.

This is no time for that “just eat less and work out more” outdated advice.

This is where the functional approach is required.

Because when you understand the unique dynamics going on in your own body, you can do something about it.

We can intervene with diet, supplements, appropriate movement, stress management, sleep and self care.

Humans are so much more complex than calories in calories out.

Our bodies are incredible, intelligent beings that always have our back.

What if instead of looking at weight as something to lose, we started to see it as a way the body is protecting itself?

What if instead of shaming it, we were able to get curious about it and ask “why is the body choosing this?”

There’s always more going on beneath the surface.

It’s just a matter of figuring that part out.

And when we do, the message to store fat turns off and the weight falls off. It’s inevitable.

Just a side effect of the body coming back into balance.

I’m here for it… whenever you’re ready,

P.S. Are you feeling this? Want to chat about it and see if I can help? Great! Grab a spot on my calendar right here.

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