This is Why the Holidays Are So Exhausting

Let’s talk holiday survival…

There’s a reason the holidays can be extra exhausting and it’s not what you think.

Just as our to do lists are getting longer and the calendar is filling up with all the fun things…

The days are getting shorter.

When life is telling us to do MORE.

Mother nature is telling us to do LESS.

Winter is when plants go dormant.
Animals hibernate.
Nature restores.

And humans PARTY.

With every extra errand, ugly sweater party, gingerbread martini… we’re fighting it…

Which makes it just a little more taxing on the system.

It adds up and we feel it as exhaustion, burn out, illness…

Because if we don’t rest, nature has it’s own way of forcing us to…

The message here isn’t be a Grinch…

I’m literally writing this from the car en route to Dallas… I’m about to drop my husband off at Jerry World for the Big 12 Championship game (go Texas) before a 40th birthday party tonight…

Sometimes (most of the time) the advice that’s on your heart is the advice you most need too…

So I’m not here telling anyone to rein it in…

More, be aware.

There’s power in just knowing this simple truth.

So we can be a little bit gentler with ourselves.

Remind ourselves to take a little bit more care.

My holiday survival motto: party hard, self care harder.

And when I say holiday survival self care I’m not talking about massages and bubble baths (though those are wonderful too if you can squeeze em in).

I’m talking about…

Real Holiday Survival Self Care

eating nourishing foods
drinking water
getting enough good, quality sleep
seeing the sun
finding ways to decompress whether it’s watching Housewives, going for a walk, taking a hot bath, having sex…

Self care is making a pot of soup.
Meal prepping so you have healthy lunches on hand during the week.
Putting your shoes by the door to remind yourself to go for a walk.
Even if it’s 5 minutes around the block.

During the season of giving, we can’t forget to give to ourselves. 

Or we’ll have nothing left…

It’s the ol’ “you can’t pour from an empty cup”…

How are you refilling yours? 

Want some support to help you take care of you so you can feel as good as you possibly can? I create custom plans for my clients that are easy to follow and get to the root of what’s messing with their health so they can get results faster, get back to feeling like themselves again, without having to worry about the how. Ready to get started? Let’s chat.

Megan Adams Brown

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The content in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical advice.

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