Healthy Snacks Delivered to Your Door Step… Sign Me Up Please…

I used to loooooooove Fruit Roll-ups when I was a kid. When snack time rolled around at school, I’d whip out my tube of strawberry flattened fruit, unroll that puppy and then roll it right back up around my little finger to make one, long, fruity finger. Classy, I know. Hey, I was in first grade… and my fruit finger was delicious. Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit by the Foot, any sort of fruit snacks… I loved them all.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d had any sort of fruit snack other than the literal kind – like an apple. But just a few weeks ago I was introduced to the  natural, whole-foods version of the Fruit Rollup, thanks to Healthy Surprise

It happened when one day I came home from work and found this guy on my door step:


I knew it was coming — the company contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out a box of their vegan, gluten-free, soy-free snacks. “You mean, snacks I can actually eat?!” I thought… bring it on!

I got my box and when I opened it I found chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, caramel corn, hemp seeds, flavored nuts and fruit snacks. Here’s what the little treasure chest looked like…


And here’s all my new snack loot layed out on the kitchen table…


How fun is that?! You can sign up with Healthy Surprise and get one of these healthy treasure boxes on your door step once a month. What a cool way to discover tasty new products. Brilliant idea! I sure wish I’d thought of it…

Thanks, Healthy Surprise for sending me a box, and in particular, for the fruit snacks.

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