The Secret to Making the Healthier Option a No Brainer

secrets to making the healthier option a no brainerThere’s a secret to getting healthy that most people don’t know about.

I think we can all agree, if you want to “get healthy” you have to do more “healthy” things.

Thing is tho, most think that means choosing the healthier option, like the salad over the burger at lunch.

Opting for water instead of soda…. or Topo instead of wine.

Most of the time we think about the healthier option as a choice.

And usually it’s NOT the fun one. #amiright?

The SECRET is taking the choice off the table.

And I don’t mean always ordering a salad and Topo…

This isn’t about dooming yourself to a life of water and vegetables in the holy name of health. Nobody wants to do that…

The SECRET is putting the stuff that creates health on autopilot. So the healthy option becomes automatic.

It’s just what you do… without even having to think about it. There is no choice.

As I write this I’m sipping on the hot lemon water I drink every morning.

It’s never of question of, am I going to have lemon water today? I do it because I always do it… at this point there is no thinking.

And that means there is no willpower spent.

This is KEY because willpower is a finite resource. All decision making is really.

We only have so much to give.

This is why at the end of the day it’s much harder to resist that box of cookies…

Our willpower is usually spent.

So the question is how do we conserve our willpower?

Put what requires willpower on autopilot.

In other words, make it something you do without having to think about it.

That could look like:

  • Downing 20-30 oz water before coffee
  • Going for a walk first thing every morning
  • Always having something green on your plate
  • Grocery shopping on Sundays
  • Planning your meals for the week
  • Making it to a regular exercise class
  • Ending your day with a cup of herbal tea
  • Turning off electronics an hour before bed
  • Reading a novel to unwind before bed

Start with just one thing. It will take some time (30 days or so) to go from being a choice to something automatic.

If you do it consistently, it will happen.

The irony of this is the more healthy options you have on autopilot, the more freedom you have to do things like eat the cookies. Sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it?

The same way following a schedule gives you more time, habitizing the healthy options gives you more flexibility and CHOICE.

Because isn’t that always the goal?…

To be able to do what you WANT, to indulge (without guilt), to do all the things you dream about, to ENJOY, to savor, and get every last drip out of life?

Healthy isn’t the opposite of living. (contrary to popular belief)

It’s the MEANS to living the life you want to LIVE. 

Autopilot makes it smooth sailing.

Helping folks put “healthy” on autopilot so they can have more FREEDOM is the work I do as a holistic health coach. Want a little push to get you going in the right direction? Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session here.

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