The Most Important Lesson I Learned as a New Parent

When I was thinking about how I wanted to describe what I do as health coach I kept going back to these words: Health Strategies for the Whole Family. My nerd brain couldn’t get off the play on words… get it?…”Whole” as in entire family but also “whole” as in whole foods!…. OK, I know, if you have to explain it…

Anyway, I’ve made this my tag line because it sums up my whole approach (ok, I’ll stop now) to helping my clients create healthy lifestyles that last. I work mostly with moms who want more energy and more confidence in the kitchen so they can feel good about themselves and what their kids are eating, too.

When our twins were born a lot of the things I did to take care of myself went right out the window. I didn’t even realize it at first; my whole (oops) world was consumed by these two teeny tiny little beings, most days spent like this…


I both miss and don’t miss those days… It took awhile, but we eventually settled into a routine that at least allowed me to shower – something I never thought of as a luxury until having children!

If I knew pre-kids what I know now…

I would have taken a lot more showers… and baths – nice, loooooong, baths. It’s not that I didn’t take care of myself before – I exercised regularly, ate healthy. It’s just that in hindsight it looks so freaking easy when it’s just you and maybe a husband to worry about.

I laugh thinking of the old me when I used to casually cook something like risotto on the stove, a glass of wine in one hand. New me is chopping carrots across from these two…

What I was saying about the difference before and after kids…

One day, long after we’d come out of the baby bunker (this is what Ross likes to call those first few months with a newborn), I realized I still wasn’t doing any of the things I used to do to take care of ME.

I was so busy taking care of everyone else I forgot… or maybe I was just too tired.

I mean, I felt OK, definitely not like myself though. It’s hard to remember, it’s all a little fuzzy….

What I do know is deep down, I knew I had to make some changes so I could take better care of myself… and by extension everyone else. It kinda felt impossible though.

There’s a saying that goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

I needed to figure out a way to make room for some replenishment.

I figured out a system.

It simplified things, gave us a routine that worked and took the stress out of the whole meal planning, shopping and cooking process.

Most of all it gave me more time and energy for me.

This strategy has us eating super healthy and delicious food all week and I don’t find myself worrying over that dreaded question: “what’s for dinner?”

Having this system is what’s given me the space to take better care of myself and that’s made all the difference in upping my energy levels and ultimately making me a better mom and person in general.

It takes a level of commitment each week but the payoff is worth it.

Now I help my clients do the same thing.

What I’ve learned is we can focus on our individual health goals, but without a strategy that fits into our family life, it ain’t gonna work. To really do it right and develop a lifestyle and habits that stick, you have to design it with your environment in mind and think about how changes and priorities will affect the whole family.

I realized this when I recognized I needed to start paying more attention to myself. Together we adjusted. Just like how we changed up the girls’ routine when they started crawling, dropped a nap, etc., we change our routine when one of us need a little more focus or energy for ourselves too.

Keeping everyone healthy and happy takes a lot of work. With the right strategy though it can be so much easier, less stressful and more enjoyable; that’s what I help my clients discover. So,…

If you want to start taking better care of yourself but you’re not sure how…

If you can’t figure out how to eat healthy while feeding kids, too…

If you’re exhausted, running on fumes and feel like you’re just pushing through…

I can help.

Shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what’s going on and get you and your family set up with a better health strategy.

Or, if you want some regular tips and inspiration, join me on Instagram @meganadamsbrown. Either way, I am committed to helping you find the right health strategy for your whole family.



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