My Top Ten Non-Negotiables for Health Maintenance

I was talking to a friend and fellow health practitioner recently about the irony of how it’s the simple not-so-sexy things we do everyday for health maintenance that really make (and keep) us healthy.

This is easy to forget in a world where you can order any supplement you want online, spend thousands of dollars on the latest tech health gadgets like red light therapy, in-home saunas; all the superfoods, juices, cleanses, therapies, the ways to spend $$$ on health are limitless.

You could go nuts.

Or broke.

When really, it’s the simple, little, FREE, things we do every day, every week, that build health. 

If we’re not doing the simple stuff. All that pricy stuff isn’t gonna do much.

Remember – they’re called “supplements” for a reason… they supplement the every day real stuff we do for health maintenance.

I wrote down my health maintenance non-negotiables in the notes app in my phone so I can be more intentional about them and really make them non-negotiable.

These are the health maintenance things I’m committing to do weekly (and I’m telling you about it cause if I do I’m more likely to stick to it)….

health maintenance list

What are your weekly health maintenance non-negotiables? 

Tell me what are your weekly health maintenance habits in the comments down below.

It’s a real thing – when you tell someone you’re 40 percent more likely to follow through. 

A note on #5 — Home cooked meals ranks right up there with sleep and exercise. When you have more control over your food, you have more control over your health.

I’ve got just the thing to help you make cooking more flippin’ easy — it’s my So Flippin’ Easy meal plan + mini course. Get started with it right here.

It’s gonna change your life in the kitchen.

Oh, and quick explanation on #10 (how embarrassing, my parents read these emails 🙈)… orgasms are the ultimate cortisol (stress hormone) flush. There’s a reason you sleep so well after! The more the better. 😉

P.S. It’s when you get the non-negotiable on auto pilot and combine that with a personalized approach to get to the root of what’s going on in your unique body that healing happens. This is the work we do in my functional health coaching practice. If you’re interested book a time to chat with me here.

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