June 9

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

A few weeks ago I went on the road and brought a cooking class and dinner party to a fun group of ladies. I had donated this "cooking class & dinner party in one" package to a silent auction benefiting Blondes vs. Brunettes - an organization here in Dallas that supports the Alzheimer's Association. I was so excited to hear from Nikki, who got the package, that she wanted to host the event for some of her girlfriends. They sipped wine while I showed them how to make tasty spring rolls, a fresh tomato-strawberry salad and a concoction with kale mushrooms and white beans over pasta. It was a total blast - who knew spring rolls and kale could be so fun?! Everything we made was with simple, nutrient-dense and health supporting ingredients. And I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easily it came together and how delicious the finished product tasted too. I wanted to share a few pictures from the evening that Nikki sent me. Thanks, Nikki and her fabulous friends - Danielle, Michelle, Heidi and Lonna - for having me over for dinner!

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