I Want You To Know This About The Healing Journey

healing journey

There’s a few things I want to make sure you know about me and my own healing journey…

I haven’t always been this into all things health, nutrition, healing, etc.

I’m a journalist, turned corporate marketer, turned health coach. I’ve worked at magazines, a ginormous IT company, in healthcare, and finally, my own health coaching practice – No Rules Nourishment, LLC (welcome). 🙂

What happened was, at 22 I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disease. A couple of years after that I got curious, started researching holistic health and healing and that eventually set me out on my own healing journey that led to getting a certification in health coaching (that was 2010) and functional medicine.

With RA I’ve been on medication, off medication, and back on it. I’ve seen every type of practitioner there is. Including ones that told me those meds would eventually kill me (true story).

I’ve been on every diet and taken every supplement (at least feels like it) and what I’ve learned through all of it is….

Lessons from My Own Healing Journey

👉 You can’t control your body, and you can’t rush the healing process.

👉 And you can’t heal from a place of force, deprivation or “white knuckling it.”

👉 You gotta do what you gotta do to have the best quality of life in this moment.

👉 You know your body better than anyone and you are your own best practitioner. Everyone else is an expert with an opinion.

👉 Healing is not linear.

👉 There are starts and stops and stall outs and times you want to (and do) say F it!

👉 And that, too, is part of the healing.

👉 Because healing involves so much more than the physical.

👉 Symptoms are a side effect. There’s always more below the surface.

Setting out on a healing journey is the bravest, most courageous, most vulnerable, most loving thing you can do. 

It’s hard as hell.

And it’s worth it with every single step.

And it’s all about those single steps. The little steps. The steps you take every. single. day.

That’s where the magic happens.

If you’re on your own healing journey, taking those little steps, or if you want to be, you’re in the right place. I hope what I share in these emails makes you feel like “hell yeah I can do this.”

And when you’re ready to take your healing journey to the next level, I’ve got you.

Grab a spot on my calendar for a free chat right here.

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