This is the No. 1 Mistake People Make While Trying to Heal

One of the biggest mistakes I see… heck that I made for years is thinking that healing chronic disease is just about what we can see.


The physical part is just that… one part.

I learned there’s three (and not necessarily in this order) planes to healing chronic disease (I like to think of them like 3 legs of a stool)….

– Physical
– Mental/emotional
– Spiritual

A critical part of healing chronic disease is exploring our patterns, our thoughts, our past traumas, stress (sources of and reaction to)…

Our connection with ourselves, with others, with our purpose, with something bigger than us.

These other areas are just as important if not MORE important than the physical stuff like diet and supplements.

They’re all connected. And they all require attention for full and complete healing.

And when we give them that attention, we don’t just heal, we become an even better version of ourselves.

This is the work I do with every single one of my one-on-one clients inside my functional health coaching practice.

You ready to take your healing to that next level?

Best thing to do is grab a time to chat in my calendar here.

P.S. If you ever need more support, here are a few ways I can help you:

1. If you need some help and a plan in the kitchen, get my So Flippin’ Easy course (or try out the free mini course/plan here).
2. If you need a quick reset, grab the 5-Day RESET.
3. I’ve got gobs of recipes on the blog, too.
4. If you want something more personalized to you, grab a spot on my calendar and let’s chat.

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