This is What Happens When You Start to Have More Energy

The coolest part of being a health coach is seeing what the folks I work with do when they start to have more energy and feellike themselves again.

I watch them go from survival mode — where all their energy goes toward just getting through the day —

They feel exhausted, fuzzy headed, like they’re running on an energy deficit —

Because when you’re living in survival mode, it’s like constantly running up hill. 

That’s where all the energy goes and it leaves you feeling wiped.

As we unravel what’s going on in their bodies though, the terrain changes.

The hill becomes a little less steep. And a little energy gets freed up….

The hill flattens. More energy gets saved…

The energy builds… and builds and builds…

And all that energy, it’s gotta go somewhere…

So it draws them into what’s next.

It’s the most beautiful thing to witness.

Because it happens so organically, so naturally, they don’t even realize it, until they do…

  • Like Amy who one day found herself cleaning out her garage (and goes “who am I right now?!”). Now she’s getting involved in charity work.
  • And Susan who got creative with her business during COVID and absolutely crushed it.
  • And Heather who is building a business of her own, helping women on a soul level and launching a brand new podcast.
  • And Kristen who is keeping up a 2 year old, on the floor with him, back and forth to the park, pain-free and grateful because she says she couldn’t have been this kind of mom before.

Click here to see more health coaching success stories.

Helping people feel good, become pain-free, have more energy is one thing…

Seeing what they do with it is quite another.

It’s humbling and inspiring and reminds me that doing this work goes so far beyond what happens just between the two of us.

As their life changes… and they go on to change lives.

And so it goes, on, and on.

That ripple effect.

What a beautiful thing.

P.S. Feeling like all your energy is going toward surviving, and you’ve got nothing left to give is a very real thing. There can be real dynamics going on in your body that are robbing you of the energy you used to have. If you’re going, “yep, that’s me!” grab some time on my calendar and let’s chat.

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