Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This To Feel Calmer

A friend recently reminded me of this simple practice that can help you feel calmer in minutes. It helped me out this past week and so I thought it might be helpful for you too so I’m sharing it here.

Last week I was sitting at my desk, unable to concentrate or get anything done, so naturally, I reached for my phone to find a distraction — and opened up Instagram.

The first post to pop up was from my friend Heather (@divinelysensitive), sharing a simple reminder for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, all over the place (hello, 🙋‍♀️)…

Try This When You Want to Feel Calmer and More Grounded

She says…

“Put your feet on the ground. Better yet LAY DOWN. Feel your body on the earth. Breathe. Feel your breath. Listen. See (eyes opened or closed).

Ground yourself in the present moment.

Root down into the earth.

Visualize roots going from your body into the ground…” 

Well, I believe that (even on Instagram) the messages we need to hear most find us (algorithm aside).

And I knew this was one of those messages.

So I did it — I went out into the backyard and laid out in the grass.

One hand on my belly, one hand on my chest. And breathed.

After a few minutes, I got up and I really did feel calmer. More grounded.

We know these things — breathe. get outside. go for a walk.

Sometimes though — especially when the overwhelm, anxiety are high — it’s easy to forget.

For all it’s faults, I find this is one of the good things I get out of social media — those little reminders.

And so, I’m passing the message on.

It helped me this week. And I hope it helps you.

Let me add one more thing — there’s science to this, too.

The Science of Grounding Energy

Our bodies run through a type of electrical current — the brain, heart beat, and neurotransmitter activity all rely on electrical signals.

When we connect with the earth — especially through our feet which has particular points that are especially good at receiving the earth’s energy — we take up negative ions from the earth that counter the  positive ions that so easily builds up from LIFE.

There’s a true bio-electrical reason walking barefoot on the sand or in the grass feels so good, why we truly do feel calmer when we do it.

Cool, right? — Once again, science proves what we intuitively already knew. :)

Have You Tried Grounding to Feel Calmer?

I’d love to know — have you tried grounding? have you noticed this effect without really meaning to do it? or is it something you already practice?

Would love to hear about your experience — leave a comment down below.

Sending you love and grounding energy – xx,

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