How to Get Blood Work Done – Two Ways

There are a few things I want to add to the last two posts about how to get blood work done. We’ve already talked about some things to keep in mind when reviewing lab results and the blood work I wish everyone got annually

Now let’s get into how to get blood work done, more specifically….

1) The best way to go about asking your doctor to check certain blood markers, and…

2) What to do if your doctor says no.

Because it happens all the time, unfortunately.

Usually because insurance won’t cover them.

And you don’t want your doctor ordering anything insurance won’t cover because then you’ll get stuck with the bill.

Which will be crazy high because labs over charge insurance companies.

And when they don’t pay, that price gets passed on to you.

So what’s one to do if you want to get these labs run?

1) Help your doctor understand why you’re asking to get that blood work done – what the lab is and why you want to have it checked.

To be able to bill insurance, doctors need to be able to give blood work an ICD-10 code which ties the test to a symptom.

For example, if it’s a full thyroid panel you’re wanting to get checked and you’re having symptoms of stubborn weight gain, hair loss, feeling cold, fatigue – tell your doctor you think they’re connected and you’d like to check.

Or if it’s B12 you want, and you have any sort of neuropathy – tingling in hands/feet, restless leg, etc. say you wonder if it could be a deficiency, especially if you’re using a proton pump inhibitor which can block absorption.

I often write letters to my clients’ physicians requesting blood work and providing justification that connects each lab to their symptoms, and it works – we usually get all or most of the labs we request run.

That’s the traditional route… there’s also the option to…

2) Order blood work through a third-party lab.

This is something I can help with too.

There are a number of third-party labs for blood work out there that you can go to directly as the patient to cash pay labs (rather than going through insurance).

This level of access is a game changer – it means you don’t have to have a doctor’s order to get blood work done.

You can be the keeper of your own blood work and health info, which means you can better advocate for yourself.

Combine that with a knowledgable and experienced coach (like me) and you can truly take your health to a whole new level.

I work with Evexia, a leader in functional testing with the most competitive prices on the market for blood work and lab testing.

If you’re interested in ordering blood work, scheduling a health evaluation session, or beginning a health coaching program, best thing to do is grab some time on my calendar here so we can chat.

Megan Adams Brown

Note: As a health coach I am not qualified to diagnosis or treat. The way I work with labs is as an educator, helping you learn to read them for yourself, identify patterns, and underlying dynamics that can be contributing factors in your health and how to, with diet and lifestyle changes, effect those pattens and dynamics in order to improve your health and increase your vitality. 

The content in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical advice.

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