Want to Improve Your Health? Focus on This Stuff First (My Free Medicine List)

Never underestimate the power of free medicine.

I remembered this myself over spring break.

My shoulder was killing me — I could feel a knot in my neck that carried all the way over my shoulder, down my bicep.

We were road tripping to a friend’s ranch for the weekend and with every bump I wanted to scream.

I racked my brain to remember the chiropractor I saw years ago. Found his number and sent him a desperate test on a Friday afternoon.

A couple days later the pain was gone.

No, a chiro didn’t fix me.

Turns out all I needed was to get away from my desk, phone; get outside, be with friends, sit in the sun, lay in the grass, play with little people, listen to music, and laugh (omg, how much we laughed 🤣).

By Sunday the pain was gone (even with a couple of late nights and an imperfect diet).

I swear, some of the best medicine out there is 100% free medicine.

We have so many powerfully healing tools at our disposal that are totally free. Tools that when applied with intention are absolutely free medicine.

This is something that’s easy to forget in a world where you could spend a fortune on supplements, superfoods, therapies, and every gadget and gizmo you can imagine.

My advice: save your money and focus on the free stuff first.

I started a running list of them, here’s what I’ve got so far…

Free Medicine

  • sleep
  • getting in nature
  • feeling the sun
  • going for a walk
  • hugs
  • calling a friend
  • spending time with people you love
  • drinking water
  • deep breathing
  • visualization
  • meditation
  • just laying down for 5 minutes
  • prayer
  • singing*
  • humming*
  • gargling*
  • hot bath
  • cold shower/cold plunge*
  • putting your barefoot on the earth
  • reading
  • laughing*
  • dancing
  • moderate exercise
  • sweating
  • journaling
  • forgiveness
  • releasing negativity
  • stretching
  • tapping
  • fasting
  • social media hiatus
  • technology detox
  • cooking yourself something nourishing
  • feeling gratitude
  • pleasure
  • having sex
  • listening to music

* I know some of these may sound super random. These ones activate your vagus nerve which puts you into a parasympathetic (relaxed) mode.

Up for a challenge?

Try to get at least 3 of these in every day.

And just see how you feel… if you notice a difference.

Would love to know how it goes, too! Drop a comment down below and let me know. :)

What’s Your Favorite Free Medicine?

I started this list and I know it’s just scratching the surface… there’s more free medicine out there I’m not thinking of. Tell me — what’s like free medicine for you? What do you do to feel better? What keeps you feeling well and healthy? Drop em down below in the comments, will you?

P.S. We use alllllll the free medicine with my health coaching clients and getting you to where the things that maintain your most vibrant health are just what you do. Want to get started? Best thing to do is to grab a spot on my calendar to chat with me right here.

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