This is Why Only Testing for Food Sensitivities Isn’t Enough

Here’s the thing most won’t tell you about food sensitivities and food sensitivity testing….

It’s been all the rage lately, right?

You can find a dozen or more of them online now, pretty inexpensive too.

Which is so cool.

I’m all for breaking down the barriers to access to your own health info.

Getting that kind of personalized data can be a game changer.

There’s nothing quite as motivating as seeing right there in black and white exactly what’s pissing off your body and fanning the flames of inflammation.

If only it were that easy though…

The thing with these types of food sensitivity tests is there can be a huge margin of error. False negatives and false positives are expected, which means you may be missing foods you’re reacting to and cutting out foods unnecessarily (read: not eating cheese for no reason, gasp!).

So much more than that though is this…

Food sensitivities usually aren’t the problem.

They’re a SIGN, a symptom, of the REAL problem…
Leaky gut.

So if you’re only testing food sensitivities. You’re stopping short of the real issue.

Yes, you may have inflammation because you have food sensitivities.
But you have food sensitivities because you have a leaky gut.

Which is exactly as it sounds…

What happens in the gut should STAY in the gut (like Las Vegas). 

But with leaky gut (a.k.a. enhanced intestinal permeability) things that should be staying in the gut (like food, microbial waste (gross, I know)) leaks out into the blood stream.

The immune system notices and goes “wait, that’s not supposed to be there!”

It tags the food with an antibody.

And then every time you eat that food, the immune system reacts again. More antibodies.

And BAM — you’ve got a food sensitivities.

The food sensitivities are only there because of the real problem: a leaky gut.

So just removing gluten, or dairy, or bananas, or whatever the random food is that’s coming up red isn’t solving the real issue.

Just removing food sensitivities is just a bandaid. 

It helps stop some of the inflammation, sure.
But without addressing the real issue… the leaky gut… you’re leaving the door open to create more food sensitivities to whatever foods you’re replacing them with.

Ya gotta heal and seal that leaky gut.

That’s the solution!

But there hasn’t been a good test available for leaky gut…

Until now.

Enter the KBMO Food Sensitivity & Gut Barrier Panel.

I’m so excited about this test.

Not only is it a superior food sensitivity panel using patented technology that tests both IgG antibodies (the most common food-related immune response) and complement (the pro-inflammatory cascade associated with chronic inflammatory conditions).

It’s the only test that identifies food sensitivities, inflammation and leaky gut from a single test.

This test is a game changer.

If you suspect you’re reacting to certain foods, feel inflamed, have joint pain, or if you have an autoimmune condition, I highly recommend this test.

Get all the details on the two test options available – the FIT 132 which tests 132 foods, and the FIT 176 which tests 176 foods. Both tests include the gut barrier panel as well as a one hour interpretation session with me where we’ll go over the results and I’ll give you personalized recommendations and next steps.

Have questions about the test? Not sure if it’s right for you? Hit reply and ask away. That’s what I’m here for — to help you navigate this crazy, confusing new frontier of health info so you can find the answers you need and the path that’s right for you.

Get all the details on the Food Sensitivity & Gut Barrier Panel here.

Megan Adams Brown

P.S. Suspect you’re reacting to certain foods? Feel inflamed? Have joint pain? An autoimmune condition? I highly recommend this test.



Megan Adams Brown, CHC, is a certified health coach based in Austin, Texas. Megan helps people take charge of their health and make “healthy” not feel so high maintenance.

The content in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical advice.

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