Keep Falling Off the Wagon? Read This.

Keep falling off the wagon?

I’ve got something for you today that’s going to make you breathe a big sigh of relief… you ready…

There’s no such thing as failure here. 

And no that’s not some BS coaching line.

It’s true.

Falling off the wagon, feeling like you failed… it isn’t what you think it is.

And I find that this thought… that we’re going to fall off the wagon, that we’re going to fail at it, that we’re not gonna do it right, or that it’s not going to work…

It’s the No. 1 thing holding people back from transforming their health, and their life. 

I know because it held me back for years.

I probably spent a year thinking about going gluten and dairy free before I finally did it.

What was holding me back was feeling like if I couldn’t do it 100% perfect, all the way, it wasn’t worth even trying.

What I wish I knew then was what I tell all of my clients today…

You’re gonna mess up.

You’re gonna end up eating the thing that you were trying not to eat.

You’re gonna fall off the wagon…

And your knee jerk reaction when it happens is gonna be shame.

When it happens, just STOP.

Notice it.

Notice the urge to judge.

It’s totally normal. We alllllll do it.

Hear that little judgmental voice going, “WTF, [your name] why’d you do that?!” 

And soften it.

Make it more curious.

Make it playful.

Make it sound like how you’d talk to your 2 year old who just smeared mashed potatoes in his hair — you wish he hadn’t, but its also adorable…. “Ha, [your name], what’d ya do that for?”

Get genuinely curious about it.

What made you do it?
How were you feeling in the moment?
How did you want to feel?

This subtle shift from judgment to curiosity changes everything. 

With judgment, we shut down. We feel shame. We stuff it down. And it more than likely happens again.

With curiosity, that thing that just happened becomes a gift.

It’s an opportunity to gain super valuable insight about yourself — that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

And suddenly that slip up becomes just PART OF THE PROCESS.

Because that right there is the truth. Every slip up, every time you fall off the wagon, every time you do something you said you weren’t going to do — it’s alllllll part of the process. 

You can’t get to the destination without it.

Now doesn’t that feel so much better??

You literally can’t F it up. ;) 

Give this a try the next time that judgmental voice pipes up. And let me know how it goes.


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