The Energy Makeover

Get your energy back and start feeling like yourself again. The Energy Makeover is designed to help you get the most energy from food and discover the foods that make you thrive. You’ll eliminate cravings and gradually start craving the best foods for you. You’ll probably drop a few pounds without even trying, too.

The Benefits

  • Find your energy
  • Clear mental fog
  • Sleep better
  • End cravings
  • Lose weight
  • Feel healthier

The Program 

Energize Health Coaching Program

How it Works 

  • Weekly one-on-one 50 minute coaching call with Megan
  • You’ll set clear goals and identify your “why” from the start to keep you on track and motivated
  • We’ll determine the steps you need to take to achieve your goal
  • I’ll give you support and hold you accountable along the way
  • You’ll get recipes, guides, resource materials and more

Ready to kick exhaustion to the curb? 

What People Are Saying...

In just the first week of working with Megan my skin was clearer and I had tons more energy. My moods were also more stable and I overall felt happier and more confident. Plus I saved at least $40 on my weekly trip to the grocery store using Megan’s meal planning guide; that was a nice bonus! Before, starting this journey felt really intimidating, but Megan has a way of making it feel easy, simple and totally do-able. I highly recommend this program to anyone who’s struggled with sticking to a healthy routine.

Jennifer G., Austin, TX

It was like the weight just came off without even trying. I feel so much lighter and way more in control of my eating. Megan made me feel like this overwhelming task of changing my lifestyle was achievable. She made it simple and easy and completely changed the way I look at food and my health. I just followed the program and the weight came off just like that. The best part is I have a totally new perspective that helps me make healthy choices all on my own without even thinking about it. I know that will stay with me and make me healthier for the rest of my life.

Star C., Dallas, TX

Working with Megan was one of the best things I have done for my well-being. As someone who worked a very busy full-time job in events, I struggled with a workaholic routine and finding time to take care of myself. Megan helped me create more balance in my life with everything that I juggle and she led me to figure out what healthy meant for MY body. Megan got me out of my comfort zone to try new activities, foods, and start cooking more for myself to both know and control what was going into my body. Her unique approach is dynamic, interactive, educational and frankly, very easy to make part of your routine, which resulted in creating a truly healthy lifestyle.

Katie S., Dallas, TX

When I got sick I knew I had to make some changes but it all felt so overwhelming. Megan walked me through it and told me exactly what to do; she made the whole process easy and painless. I feel drastically better – I have more energy and just feel better all around. My colitis is now in remission and I feel like I can start living my life again without worrying where the nearest bathroom is all the time! Megan helped me create a healthy lifestyle for myself and I believe that’s why I’ve been able to stick with it and feel great today.

Sean B., Dallas, TX

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