The Game That Gets Everyone Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

game to eat more vegetables

Want to play a fun little game with me this week?

This is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now and I finally got around to it last night at dinner.

I call it “Eat the Rainbow” and the object of the game is to eat as many colors as you can in a single day. And do that every day for the whole week.

Last night I introduced the colorful rainbow chart to the fam over dinner and explained to the girls how on each day there’s a spot to mark off each color as they eat them: red, yellow/orange, green, blue/purple, white/brown.

Over dinner, we checked off all the colors we’d eaten so far, and for the ones we hadn’t gotten to you, we filled in those gaps with dinner.

It was already working getting them to eat their beets and asparagus so they could check off purple and green.

Well, one of them anyway. The other got lucky and found a bell pepper in her leftover rice from last night’s Mexican food. I suppose it’s still green…

We taped the sheet to the fridge (weird, I know, ours isn’t magnetic) and then when Dad got home, they excitedly asked him if he ate anything green and commanded him to get his marker and add it to the chart.

hadn’t really thought the “reward” part of it through so I said when you get every color for the day you get a sticker. And then at the end of the week if you get a sticker every day you get a “surprise.” TBD on what that will be… I’ll keep ya posted.

What I like about this and why I think it works is…

  1. It turns healthy eating into a fun activity (who doesn’t like a game… especially little ones).
  2. It makes eating healthy simple… for everyone, little or big (no need to track vitamins…).
  3. It makes them/you seek out more color and variety(let the game do the pushing).
  4. It gets them/you to try something new (again, leave it to the game).
  5. It makes them/you more aware of the foods you’re eating every day (because knowing is half the battle).
  6. It creates conversation, excitement, fun around food (and that’s something that’ll really stay with em). 

I’m planning to keep this going all week at our house and will share over on Instagram stories @meganadamsbrown – be sure to follow for updates… wish me luck…

Do it with us!

Get the chart template at the box below.

I’ll send it to you along with more helpful tips and tricks for getting kids to eat healthy foods, and a few of my favorite kid-friendly recipes (to help get in more of those colors…). [et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_7″]

Report back…

Let us know how it goes for you too. I’d love to hear if it was helpful for kids, yourself, husbands, roommates, and what everyone thought.

Hope you can have some fun with this and get some real food benefits from it too.


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