Step 3: Up the Anti...

Hit the RESET button.


Here's where we take everything from this video series and get it into action. 

Not to worry... I've got you covered.

I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do.... 

So you don't even have to think...

Just say "tell me what to do and I'll do it"...

And, just like that...

you're doing it.

"What kind of voodoo magic is this?! I have so much more energy! It's not even been a week and I've already lost pounds and I'm feeling better than I have in YEARS! Megan - you are a genius. Thank you for helping me!"

erin m

Erin M. 

Austin, TX 

"This is not like any other detox I've ever tried. I was really surprised it wasn't difficult at all and the food was delicious - and a lot of it, too. My clothes fit better and I lost 2 lbs. I have more energy than I've had in weeks. The plan is something I'll come back to every few months to keep me on track." 

clare h

Clare H.

Dallas, TX 

"My skin looks brighter, I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m remembering to be mindful of everything I put into my body. The 7-Day RESET is like placing a pause on what has become habit and a good opportunity to live more intentionally."

Helen M

Helen M. 

Austin, TX 

"I must tell you how surprised I was to find out it wasn’t that hard to do at all! I've tried to give up sugar and gluten before, but was unsuccessful after a day or two. I think it was having everything planned out for me - menus, prep work, shopping lists - that all I really had to do was follow the plan. I feel great and know now that I can do this!"

Joanna S.

Dallas, TX