So flippin' easy:
Week 4

You transformation to confident, competent meal-maker (a.k.a. kitchen ninja) starts now.

Welcome to your home base for week four.

week 4 meal plan

Your week 4 meal plan includes:

- week 4 shopping list
includes breakfast, lunch + dinner
- snack list (from salty to sweet) 
- prep + make ahead instructions 
- recipes for breakfast, lunch + dinner
- add to any meal extra recipes 

Your week four videos

how to cook a whole chicken

I promise it's not as scary as it sounds... In this video you'll learn the easiest way to cook a whole chicken. And why buying the whole bird is so much better. 

how to make bone broth

This video picks up where How to Cook a Whole Chicken left off. Here you'll learn how to turn your leftover chicken bones into pure liquid gold. See how simple it can be to make your own broth - one of the most mineral-rich, nutrient-dense foods you can eat.

Guides + Templates

bone broth recipe preview

Follow along step by step for complete instructions for how to make bone broth. 

vegetable broth

This is how you can use scraps to make homemade vegetable broth (basically for free!) A simple vegetable broth recipe to follow so you can add mega nutrition to every dish.

simple soups

These are some of my favorite soup recipes - chicken, vegetarian, blended. See how to make them all, then challenge yourself to get creative with them.

buddha bowl guide preview

Use the chart to come up with your own varied buddha bowl combinations. Or try one of the "Bowl Basics" recipes here. 

stir fry guide preview

Learn no-method method for how to make stir-fries and curries without a real recipe. This is how stir-fries and curries were meant to be made... winging it. Use the chart for ideas and planning, or try one of the "Sample Stir" recipes here.

meal planner preview

Use this template moving forward if you want to start creating your own weekly meal plans. No pressure, just leaving this here if it's handy. Feel free to keep using the done-for-you one's until you're ready to change it up!