so flippin' easy:
Week 3

Your transformation to confident, competent meal-maker (a.k.a. kitchen ninja) starts now.

Welcome to your home base for week three.

SFE week 3 preview

Your week three meal plan includes:

- week 3 shopping list
(includes breakfast, lunch + dinner)
- snack list (from salty to sweet) 
- prep + make ahead instructions 
- new recipes for breakfast, lunch + dinner
- add to any meal extra recipes 

Your week three videos.

This week is all about getting a little more DIY - starting with smoothies and salads. 

Here you'll learn how to throw these things together, no recipe required.

DIY smoothies

In this video I'll show you my tips and hacks for making smoothies, how to make them without needing a recipe, my favorite add-ins for nutrition and protein, and tricks for hiding even more greens in there.

DIY Salads

In this video I walk you through the process of throwing a salad together in a few minutes using what you have in the fridge and a few key staple salad ingredients.

Guides + Cheat Sheets

smoothie preview

Use this guide to make up your own smoothie concoctions, no recipe needed. 

salad preview

Keep changing up your salad with the ingredients and ideas in this handy guide. 

dressings preview

 Learn the simple formula that's the base for so many dressings. Plus a handy list of easy go-to dressing recipes to keep on hand. Store-bought's got nothin' on these. 

eat the rainbow

Use this fun sheet to keep track of all the colors you're eating every day. When you eat a color, mark it off. Make it game for the kids! Or use it as a reminder for yourself.