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Learn the method to
my madness…

I created these online, totally DIY courses to help my clients. They got such AMAZING results with them I decided to make these resources available all on their own. If you want to skip the guided
tour and just want the map... 

You’re in the right place.


How to Make Dinner in 10 Minutes

My process for how to plan, shop, prep and cook that saves you hours and assures you'll be eating healthy, delicious meals 5 nights a week. No obscure ingredients. No 12 step Pinterest recipes.

How to Eat Healthy Without Dieting

Eating healthy doesn't mean following a diet or specific way of eating, restricting yourself, or going hungry. Here we make it super simple so you know what to eat, how to prep and cook it, and how to make it taste delicious. 

How to Live That No Rules Lifestyle

The power combo: a rock solid foundation of nutrition know-how, plus a deep connection with yourself so you know exactly what you need in this moment and stage of life.

Signature Courses:

Dinner in 10

Get Dinner done in 10 minutes every night. And have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered. In this 4-week online cooking course you’ll learn my system that simplifies eating healthy and makes getting dinner on the table in record time easy.


Take 5 days to hit the reset button on your eating habits and flood your body with nutrients from real whole foods. This is the cleanse that’s not a "cleanse" for people who loooove to eat.

No Rules Nourishment

An 8-week group wellness program to become the healthiest version of yourself, without dieting or deprivation. This is your permission slip to break the rules and start trusting over the latest fad diet or health trend.

Yes, It Really Works

Julie C., Dallas, TX, Dinner in 10

Julie's free from diets and feels more balanced

"I was surprised that only after a couple days I felt better and had a lot more energy. The best part was seeing my six year old get into it. Every night she’d ask all excited, “What’s for dinner tonight?!” It turned what used to be a dreaded question in our house into a delight. I was also just happy that I could still eat pasta. :) I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to feel like I’m eating healthy without following a particular diet. I learned so much about food and what healthy really is and I feel more balanced myself."

erin m

Erin M., Austin, TX, The RESET

Erin's feeling better than she has in YEARS

"What kind of voodoo magic is this?! I have so much more energy! It's not even been a week and I've already lost pounds and I'm feeling better than I have in YEARS! Megan - you are a genius. Thank you for helping me!"

Melinda P., Washington D.C., Dinner in 10

Melinda got her husband and son eating healthy

"Even my husband, who would happily eat fast food for every meal, loves the food. His favorite is the veggie wrap, which would be shocking to all who know him! We have loved introducing our son to new flavors and textures every day."

Holly T., Austin, TX, The RESET

Holly got over that no weight loss hump

"The RESET got me over that no weight loss hump and now I've definitely lost not only pounds but inches. All the recipes and shopping list was a game changer." 

Helen M

Helen M., Austin, TX, The RESET

Helen's skin looks brighter

"My skin looks brighter, I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m remembering to be mindful of everything I put into my body. The RESET is like placing a pause on what has become habit and a good opportunity to live more intentionally."

Rita C., Dallas, TX, Dinner in 10

Rita saved a ton on groceries

"When you said dinner in 10, I didn't realize that it would actually only take 10 minutes! The grocery bill was another surprise. I spent less than I normally do on groceries and we actually ate it all and it was so much healthier."

Kate M., Houston, TX, Dinner in 10

Kate lost weight and inflammation

"The food is delicious, easy and completely satisfying. I cook these recipes again and again not only because they're so good, they're incredibly easy to prepare. I love using fewer pans and having shorter, streamlined grocery lists! We started Dinner in 10 when my second child was a month old and it helped my extra weight and inflammation melt away. The greatest part though was how much more energized I felt." 

clare h

Clare H., Dallas, TX, The RESET

Clare's clothes fit better

"This is not like any other detox I've ever tried. I was really surprised it wasn't difficult at all and the food was delicious - and a lot of it, too. My clothes fit better and I lost 2 lbs. I have more energy than I had in weeks. The plan is something I'll come back to every few months to keep me on track."

Cassie D., Weatherford, TX, No Rules Nourishment

Cassie doesn't need coffee 

"When I wake up in the mornings now I feel more awake and energetic - like I don't even need coffee! I feel energized from food - no more bloated, gross feeling after eating. My stomach is flatter and my nails look awesome, too! This is the lifestyle I will continue."

Katie C., New York, NY, No Rules Nourishment 

Katie is getting more done

"I've done programs in the past, and this one is just a lot less stressful. Just from the small changes I've made, I've noticed I'm more productive and have more energy to complete more tasks throughout the day." 

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something with a
little less commitment?

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