Case Study: From Bone Tired to So Much Energy

The following is a case study from a real client who went from being, in her words, “bone tired” to just one month later: “I have so much energy. Like, I’m shocked.”

We took a functional medicine, root cause approach to address her underlying inflammation and nutrient malabsorption that was contributing to her anemia. We changed her diet, filled nutrient gaps with targeted supplementation, focused on key lifestyle interventions including diet, sleep, stress, movement, etc.

The results were seemingly miraculously. Just one month later she had more energy, her PMS and periods were dramatically improved. She was sleeping like a champ, and overall feeling just so much better. So much so she couldn’t even believe it.

All this after multiple doctors visits, feeling bone tired for months on end, and not getting any answers from the professionals she was seeking out… many wouldn’t even call her back…

Bone Tired and No Answers

She said to me in one of our last sessions together: “This is divine work you’re doing….”

She said it through tears in her eyes. Pure gratitude, I could see.

“I was so tired. Bone tired. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t tell you what 7+7 was. It was that bad.” 

This was just two months ago when her blood work revealed severe anemia and somewhere in the gray area of ‘maybe you have celiac disease but we’re not totally sure’…

“I’ve seen all these doctors and none of them have been able to help me like you have….

I can’t even get one to call me back after getting my labs done let alone sit down and go through them line by line like you have…

They have nothing for me. It’s just let’s wait and see… but it can only get worse…

You’re filling a gaping hole.”

Starting with Lifestyle

Back track to two months ago when we started… actually before we even started I got her going, like I do with all my coaching clients, with meals from my course – So Flippin’ Easy.

She came to our first session already feeling better – constipation GONE!

Another two weeks later she has energy, she’s sleeping on a whole other level, brain fog is clearing…

Two more weeks (just one month in) she’s feeling really good, “like I’m shocked,” she tells me.

She’s got solid even energy, cravings gone, lost 9 lbs, even her period had transformed from a nightmare that had her considering going on the pill to that measure no longer feeling necessary.

She tells me she didn’t realize how bad she felt….

Bone Tired to So Much Energy, So Much Hope

“You’ve given me hope.” 

And now as I’m typing this to share with you, there are tears in my eyes…

Pure gratitude that I get to do this work that I love so much, helping people heal.

I watch them come back to life…

Get their lives back…

Even more than that – I watch them take their power back.

Never to feel that helpless, hopeless again.

Because that power to “fix”, to heal, no longer feels like something they have to seek on the outside.

They know it’s inside… they have the awareness and tools to help themselves.

And, yes, I’d say that truly is divine.

Check out more stories of miraculous recovery and results here.

Megan Adams Brown

P.S. I currently have a few openings for one-on-one functional health coaching. If you’re ready or want to chat to learn more, grab some time on my calendar here.

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