From Stage 4 Cancer to Her First Normal Mammogram in Years

This is a story of one client who went from stage 4 breast cancer to her first normal mammogram after years of having calcified breast tissue.

Her story is proof the body can and wants to heal.

That no matter how bad things may seem, how scary a diagnosis may be, how final a prognosis may feel, things can change…

This is a text convo I had with a client last week about her most recent breast check. Years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

She treated the cancer, but since has continued to have changes in breast tissue including calcified breast tissue that were worrisome and required more frequent checks.

Today her report is “normal”….

breast calcification

And get this — her radiologist told her the PMS-like breast tenderness and swelling she’s having now is totally normal too.

It’s her body breaking down that calcified breast tissue.

Her immune system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing, and hasn’t been able to do until now.

So what changed? I imagine you’re wondering what we did….

The biggest thing in this case was we looked for and addressed underlying pathogens.

We supported the immune system with immune critical nutrients that either needed boosting or interim support.

We identified other nutrient gaps that were either genetic or the result of impaired digestion and absorption.

We addressed the underlying issues in the gut that were creating those nutrient insufficiencies.

And we killed out the pathogens that were depleting all of her immune system’s resources, and keeping it tied up and unable to keep up with regular household maintenance.

It didn’t happen overnight.

Her results are the result of her body coming back into balance, because of the work we did. Because of the work she did.

Getting a report like this, getting a text like this feels like a miracle. And it is.

But not in the spontaneous, random, happenstance way we tend to think of miracles.

Miracles happen when you have the courage, determination, and dedication to make them happen.

And over the past year that’s exactly what this client did.

I am proud of her. I’m proud of us. And once again I’m blown away at what’s possible.

It’s an honor to be able to help people heal, recover from the conditions, the weight of dis-ease in every sense, that holds them back.

If you’re still reading, know that miracles are possible. I see them all the time. And you are capable of making them happen too.

Whenever you’re ready, I’m here for ya (and if that courage/determination/dedication talk is a little daunting, not to worry, all ya need is enough to take that first step, I’ve got ya from there). Grab some time to chat with me here.

P.S. I see miracles like this happen all the time in my functional medicine health coaching practice. Want to learn more? Grab some time to chat with me here.

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